Backpacker 2

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We have had our lightweight Backpacker out for several years and it's been very popular. Recently we built the same gun but made it in a 5 shot 45 long colt. It sold immediately. That made me think maybe we needed a series like the Backpacker but a bit heavier and for a more powerful caliber. So, here it is. Our new Backpacker 2. This new Backpacker is built on the older model Vaquero just as the original was. It has a new heavy duty barrel, new 5 shot cylinder, new serrated front sight, Gunfighter Grip with ivory Corian, full action job and is sighted in ready to go. The new Backpacker 2 is not designed as a first line hunting handgun. Instead it is designed to pack on your hip all day and give you full protection from whatever comes your way.

The new Backpacker 2 comes in whatever barrel length you choose and grips of black Micarta, laminated wood, and exotic wood are also available, as is Mongolian stag at a slight premium. The Backpacker 2 is available in 356 GNR, 41 GNR, 357 magnum, 41 magnum, 44 magnum or 45 long colt. The new Backpacker 2 is built on your older model Ruger Vaquero base gun, which can be in any caliber as all that changes.




on your old model VaqueroŽ.