45 Backpacker

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For several years now all the major gun companies have been working day and night to develop lighter and lighter carry guns for self defense, but none of them are interested in a lightweight packing single action, except us. And that is our 45 Backpacker. We worked on the design and development of this for almost a year before we were satisfied with it. It weighs a mere 28 ounces when chambered in 45 long colt, and for a great packing gun that would be hard to beat.

The 45 Backpacker is all stainless except for the lightweight aircraft aluminum gripframe. This little beauty has been slimmed and trimmed to get it to less than 2 pounds, for super easy carrying. It also shoots as good as it looks and that is a guarantee. If it won't shoot 1 1/2 inches or less at 20 yards it doesn't leave here until it does.

Our Vapor Honed finish graces this little packing piece and a perfectly fitted set of Micarta grips or laminated wood grips rounds it out. A full action job is done inside for a super slick hammer and trigger pull, and our non snag front sight makes for easier pocket carry. This lightweight beauty is built on your own old model Vaquero and the caliber of the gun when you send it is no problem. We change all that in the package. 

To keep recoil manageable Plus P ammo is not recommended. For everyday hiking or carry use our 45 Backpacker is hard to beat and super safe too. 

on your old model VaqueroŽ.