455  Alaskan Express

GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is happy to announce the continuation of the 455 ALASKAN EXPRESS and it's cartridge, the 455 GNR. 455AEcolor.jpg (55237 bytes)

 The 455 GNR is an easy cartridge to make. You simply neck a 475 Linebaugh case down to 45 caliber. No problem. You can make it yourself with the dies that are now in stock.

When I developed the 455 GNR, I was searching for a cartridge that would equal or beat the 454 but with less pressure and less of the abusive recoil that goes along with the 454. And now we have it with the 455 GNR.

The 455 ALASKAN EXPRESS is built on your base gun and that gun can be any good used or new Ruger Blackhawk®, Ruger Super Blackhawk® or Ruger Bisley®. The caliber and barrel length of the base gun does not matter as all that will change. In our conversion we give you a new barrel, new 5 shot cylinder, new Gunfighter Grip on our Magnum gripframe with black or ivory Corian grips. For the Bisley gripframe, hammer and trigger shown, add $300 to the price shown below. The 455 Alaskan Express also features a new gold bead front sight with V rear, full positive performance package with action job, Maxi Throat, and Deep Dish Crown, and we engrave the animal scene of your choice on the cylinder. We will also put your name on the gun if you like at no extra charge. The 455 ALASKAN EXPRESS comes in a soft satin finish, either a Vapor Honed Black Chromex finish or the Vapor Honed stainless as shown, according to whether your base gun is blue or stainless. You can also have a two toned gun if you like. The gun shown sports a 6 inch barrel but you can have whatever you like up to 8 inches. The choices are yours, but whatever you choose, you will be getting one of the finest big game hunting revolvers on the market and a whole new big game cartridge that will take anything on this planet. As always one third down and we get started on your new 455 ALASKAN EXPRESS.


on your Ruger® base gun