For several years I have planned to produce a really nice 45 long colt with deluxe finish and a barrel band front sight. Well, that gun is finally here, our CLASSIC 45. This new beauty is built on your old model 3 screw Ruger. The CLASSIC 45  features a new unfluted cylinder, new barrel in the length of your choice, barrel band front sight with ramp, gold, red or white bead front sight, new steel gripframe in either the traditional style or our popular Gunfighter Grip. You can have the grips of your choice, from Ivory Corian, Black Micarta, exotic wood, or laminated wood. The grips shown are ivory Corian. Mongolian Stag is also available at a slight premium.

The new CLASSIC 45 has our full performance package, Deep Dish Crown, Maxi Throat and full action job, and is sighted in and ready to shoot. Your base gun can be in any caliber as all that changes during the conversion.
If you are a 45 long colt fan, then the CLASSIC 45 is designed with you in mind. And as always, one third down and we begin work on your new CLASSIC 45.


on your Ruger base gun