Shipping Information

If you are shipping a handgun to me for work or a conversion, UPS and sometimes Fed Ex can be real anti gun and force you to ship the gun overnight, which, by the way IS NOT A LAW, just their silly rules. So, to bypass all this crap, take the 5 screws out of the gripframe, ease it off, being careful not to lose the 2 small springs inside the gripframe. Put these parts in a baggie along with the gripframe and loose grips. Take the cylinder out and the housing off and base pin out and put them in a baggie. You can then put the rest of the gun in another baggie and put all these little baggies in one large baggie. If you are familiar with the gun, feel free to take it the rest of the way apart, if not then that is far enough.

This way you can tell them, if they ask, that you are shipping gun parts to a repair station, which we are and if they look, they will see a lot of parts in baggies and shouldn't give you a hassle. When it gets to us, it won't matter if it is all in parts as that is the first thing we do anyway. And of course, when your firearm is returned, it will have been re-assembled, fully test fired and ready for the field.

Special Procedures for Shipping Firearms

UPS accepts packages containing firearms (as defined by Title 18, Chapter 44, and Title 26, Chapter 53 of the United States Code) for transportation only (a) between licensed importers, licensed manufacturers, licensed dealers, and licensed collectors (as defined in Title 18, Chapter 44 of the United States Code), and government agencies and (b) where not otherwise prohibited by federal, state or local law (i) from an individual to a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector; and (ii) from a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector to an individual.

The shipper must comply with and must ensure that each shipment containing firearms complies with all federal, state and local laws applicable to the shipper, recipient, and package, including, without limitation, age restrictions.

Use These UPS Services for Your Firearm Shipment

Handguns, as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921, will be accepted for transportation only via UPS Next Day Air Services, specifically, UPS Next Day Air® Early, UPS Next Day Air®, and UPS Next Day Air Saver®. (Note: UPS Express Critical™ Service is not available for firearms).

UPS accepts firearm parts for shipment, provided the part is not a "firearm" as defined under federal law; the contents of the package cannot be assembled to form a firearm; and the package otherwise complies with federal, state, and local law. (Note: Receivers or frames of a firearm and firearm mufflers/silencers (also referred to as suppressors) are considered "firearms" and are accepted for transportation only if shipped in accordance with UPS's requirements for shipping firearms.)

UPS does not accept automatic weapons, including machine guns, for shipment. Firearms (including handguns) and firearm parts are not accepted for shipment internationally. UPS Returns® Services are not available for packages containing firearms.

Packing and Labeling Requirements for Firearms

All firearms must be shipped in new corrugated packaging which meets the UPS Single Wall Box Strength Guidelines.

All firearms are to be packaged in accordance with UPS Packaging Guideline Specifications. Ammunition must be shipped separately from packages that contain firearms (including handguns).

Packages containing handguns must be separated from other packages tendered to UPS for delivery.

The shipper must use Delivery Confirmation Adult Signature Required service for each package containing a firearm, including a handgun or a firearm suppressor, and affix a UPS label requesting an adult signature upon delivery.

The labeling and outer box markings on all firearms shipments should not identify the contents as containing a firearm. Labeling, including the shipper's and consignee's abbreviated names on the shipping label or air shipping document, must be non-descriptive.