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John Kovac with black bear taken with the 510 GNR

Sean Harper

The fox was spotted by another hunter as we were driving in the brush looking for something to stalk.It happened very quickly,he was looking in the brush and just noticed a fox standing and looking at us and said there is a fox and I turned and shot the fox with my Encore 257 GNR w/110gr Accubonds at 2600+ FPS at about 30 yards,yes there was a massive hole on the offside shoulder of the fox.

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sean1.jpg (44715 bytes) I was able to shoot a nice doe with my Wyoming Hunter 256GNR w/85gr Nosler BT at 1900 fps. The 85 gr BT penetrated completely on the broadside shot.

I also took a couple other deer with the 280 GNR using Hornady 139gr Innerbonds and 257 GNR with 110gr Accubonds,my longest shot was on a doe at 150 yds with the 257GNR Magnum. The performance of the 257GNR Magnum is very impressive with the 110gr Accubond load at 2600+ fps.

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bobcat1.jpg (35459 bytes) Right
Brian Tonnacliff with bobcat & deer
Alex Tonnacliff with deer taken at 150 yards
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adadoe_1.jpg (56479 bytes) John Miller's son with his first deer

Randy Barnett with nice 8 pointer taken with 378 GNR deer07-2.jpg (62436 bytes)

henehan1.jpg (41208 bytes) Left
Jeff Henehan with nice buck taken with 410 GNR Redhawk
Jeff's daughter and her first deer
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Anthony Ransom with mule deer. 7-08 XP-100.

This is Rob Alexander down here in Phoenix. My twelve year old son shot a 5 foot 9 black bear with your 338 gnr you just sent to me last Monday. He shot it at 110 yards and dropped it in its tracks with one shot. the load I was using was 48.2 grains of reloader 15 over a 225 grain barnes TSX this load grouped under a half inch at 100 yards, and just over an inch at 200. Thanks a ton for knocking out this barrel for me on two weeks notice. This barrel only kicks like a 223 also, which was nice for my son.

Rob Alexander

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car4.jpg (59814 bytes) Hey Gary:
Thought you would like to know, your guns are still hard at work! I just returned from the Central Africa Republic. I took this 48 " Eland and 30 1/4" Western Roan with the .378 GNR. The Roan is new SCI #1, and the Eland is #2 , right below Lucky Nightingale with one taken 20 years ago. This trip raises my total to 58 species, from all over Africa, taken with your handguns. Keep up the great gunsmithing!

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Jason Kendrick and hog

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ClydeKendrick.JPG (128115 bytes)

Clyde Kendrick and Russian boar taken with Marlin 1895

Mark Collins with nice elk taken with 45-70 Alaskan Classic

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Steven Johnson and daughter with a mornings take of whitetail. Steve's choice of weapons? Our African Hunter in 475 Linebaugh

Picture024.jpg (49720 bytes) Bobby Lafollette Jr of West Virginia with whitetail and  a turkey taken with 338 GNR  
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Ed Watts with sheep taken with custom 308 Dominator

Ed is the one on the left

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Ed Watts with a dead animal

watts3.jpg (34134 bytes)

Two future handgun hunters


hunt004.jpg (103123 bytes) Tom Chura with large bull elk taken with one shot, 416 GNR approximately 100 yards

rogers1.jpg (60423 bytes) L -Keith Rodgers and his moose taken with an African Hunter in 475 Linebaugh 

R -Keith Rodgers and his deer taken with an African Hunter in 475 Linebaugh 

rogers2.jpg (63109 bytes)

Robert Engelke of Grand Junction Col. One shot with an African Hunter 
revolver in 500 Linebaugh. 

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vest.jpg (13163 bytes)

This is a loaded 476 GNR and a 375 grain LBT that went thru 4 hindquarters of a large range bull. It went thru hip to hip on one bull hanging and then on to the second bull and thru both hips on that one and then hung up in a pile of fresh hides. It expanded to almost the size of a quarter. Both bulls were probably 650 to 700 pounds, so it went thru a measured 7 feet of meat and bone and 2 inches of stacked fresh hides.

Gary, this past summer I was out rattlesnake hunting with my kids when this coyote came out of a river bottom and up the side of the hill.  I was carrying my southern  comfort in 475 and took a bead on the dog as she crossed the hill and dumped her.  This is proof that sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and being that the shot ranged 115yds it was mostly luck.



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Hey Gary: 

This is the elephant I dropped in Zimbabwe with one brain shot from the .378 GNR. Took him at 48 yards ! He dropped like a stone. He did not make the book, but after 14 days of hard hunting, he was the largest one we found. I had souped up the load just for this critter - 300 gr Hornady solid over 61.5 gr of Rel 15. The Ph did not believe the bullet had penetrated clear through and out the opposite side. When we caped him, there were two nice holes, one on each side! I also took a 43 1/4" cape buffalo on same hunt with same load - took 2 rounds for him though. I have lost track of how many species I have taken with this gun - must be at least 30 though. I even took an Oribi with a 300gr solid from my latest hunt in Tanzania - made a nice small hole and did not ruin the cape. Thanks for the great gun. Keep up the good work. L

2004 Celebrity Handgun Hunt
grsikadeer.JPG (63379 bytes)
GR's Sika Buck taken with 378 GNR
charlieselk1.JPG (94557 bytes)

Charlie Herf's elk - taken with the 410 GNR 
in a revolver

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On a recent Saturday I took the .375GNR#2 in hand to harvest a bison from a private herd in South Park, Colorado. The winter sun felt wonderfully warm on my back at 9,000' and, I was glad the wind had died down by the time my guide, Jeff Elem asked, "Are you comfortable shooting from here?" I sat in the snow and rested the Encore's fore end over crossed shooting sticks, bracing my elbows on my knees. 

Through the 4X scope I surveyed a compact group of buffalo. My hunting partner, Jeff Wellen, read his range finder and whispered, "It's 114 yards." "This is good," I answered. 

The herd numbered about 30 animals, consisting of 2-3 year old cows and bulls and calves. "The cows and young bulls will weigh between 650 and 750 pounds," Jeff (the guide) said. "You can shoot what you want." We waited patiently, observing the ebb and flow of the herd, waiting for a single animal to saunter away from the group. "There is a slightly bigger bull on the right, if you want him," Jeff said. "No! Shoot that other one! He's a four year old bull. He's got good horns. He'll weigh 900-925 pounds. And he'll be good eating."

As the herd fed to our left, the larger bull repeatedly disappeared in and out of the throng of cows and calves. Finally, he stood alone, almost broadside. I waited; looking around to be sure no other buffalo were going to move in front of or behind him. "That's him," Jeff confirmed.

I took extra care to squeeeeeeze the trigger and touched off the shot. The bull spun around in place and stood rock still! The bullet had entered his left side immediately behind the upper leg bone, just below the shoulder blade. From there it had gone through both lungs and exited through the ribs on the right side. The bull stood facing us.

We moved a couple yards to our left to get a better target. I plopped down again behind the shooting sticks, took a steadying breath, sighing a slight exhale, and touched off a second round. The bull didn't even flinch! Later, we discovered the second bullet had entered his right side, mirroring the placement of the first shot. Then, due to the quartering angle, it had traveled back, crossing through the lungs, punching through the diaphragm and coming to a stop under the hide covering the flank on the far side. The perfectly opened 275 grain Nosler Partition had penetrated over 40" of buffalo. But, somehow, the bull appeared unfazed. 

Before I could feed a fresh round into the chamber, the bull started to sway. It looked like he was about to topple over, but couldn't because his feet had taken root in the snow. "He's going to drop," we told each other. Miraculously, his body stopped swaying, even though he continued to swing his head from side to side, as if trying to find some momentum to uproot himself and follow after the herd. Then, he collapsed. He jumped to his feet for a second and fell again. He kicked and thrashed for a few seconds and lay still. We approached and could see the lights were going out. At the suggestion of my guide, I hurried those final seconds with a coupe de grace to the neck from Jeff's .357 magnum sidearm from a distance of 5". 

This bison harvest proved to be an exciting, satisfying introduction to handgun hunting. Thanks for making the .375GNR#2 available.

Chuck Place
Copyright 2004 Chuck Place/C.Place LLC.

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Left -Opening Day of Deer Season in Missouri 
Jim Taylor & 2 does taken with a custom .41 Magnum. 
Right - Buck taken a week later with the same gun at 100 yards.

The sixgun has a Gary Reeder - built  cylinder.  The original cylinder was bulged in the bolt notches and Gary custom-made a cylinder for this very accurate sixgun.

deer4_2004.JPG (47343 bytes)

Brian Doher and game taken with the 300 GNR

brian_corsican.JPG (139593 bytes) brian_4horn.JPG (138651 bytes) brian_blkhaw.JPG (128057 bytes)

Corsican Ram

4-Horned Sheep

Black Hawaiian Sheep

alaska007.jpg (96114 bytes) alaska009.jpg (115380 bytes) alaska010.jpg (38577 bytes)
Grizzly track compared with Reeder's size 12 boot a pool of grizzly food Mt. McKinley from our cabin
alaska011.jpg (84733 bytes) alaska015.jpg (110170 bytes) alaska018.jpg (79066 bytes)
Dave Manson with grizzly GR with bear that charged from 20 feet GR's 510 GNR, covered in bear blood from point blank chest shot on bear

sean_buff.jpg (60395 bytes)   Sean Harper and Buffalo taken with a .475 GNR

  SCI Celebrity Handgun Hunt 2003  
keith_buff.jpg (58851 bytes)
Keith Kallsen
Buffalo taken with 378 GNR
  mark.jpg (64302 bytes)

Mark Sim with whitetail taken at Celebrity Handgun Hunt with 475 Linebaugh African Hunter

mewithcat.jpg (47622 bytes)
Jim Audette with cat taken 
with Coyote Classic 218 Bee
  goat4.jpg (52215 bytes)
Jim Audette with Antelope
brost.jpg (51381 bytes)
Kelly Brost of Cast Performance Bullet Co. & a large Sika Deer

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wrigley.jpg (62139 bytes)
Gary Wrigley of RPM Guns with a Record Book Fallow Deer
005.jpg (30675 bytes)
Dave Manson wrestling a pissed off Emu

010.jpg (46743 bytes)
Dave Manson with African Buffalo taken with the 410 GNR
012.jpg (40586 bytes)
Dave Manson with African Buffalo taken with the 410 GNR
014.jpg (36317 bytes)
Gary Reeder with African Buffalo, 410 GNR, 1 shot
015.jpg (47658 bytes)
Gary Reeder with African Buffalo, 410 GNR, 1 shot
013.jpg (47046 bytes)
Reeder's Buffalo with 410 GNR prototype revolver

assman1.jpg (55842 bytes)

Gary Reeder - with some Australian pieces of ass.

Taken with the 475 GNR

Australia.jpg (39800 bytes)

assman2.jpg (54436 bytes)

jim_pig1.jpg (36609 bytes)

Jim Taylor and Javelina sow taken with the Reeder/Sixgunner.Com Limited Edition .45 

jim_pig2.jpg (68426 bytes)

kbgr.jpg (32338 bytes)
Kelly Brost (left) & 
Gary Reeder
Record book Blackbuck taken
with .30 GNR
garyblackbuck.jpg (35021 bytes)
Gary Reeder and record book Blackbuck taken with custom
.30 GNR
kbrost.jpg (51604 bytes)
Kelly Brost with a man-eating doe
taken with a 357 GNR