GNR with Watusi Bull 510 GNR Kase and GNR with Watusi GNR with Watusi GNR with Watusi
Watusi in skinning shed Kase & GNR with Watusi Tiffany's Zebra Tiffany & Zebra
Kase & Tiffany with Zebra Kase & Tiffany with Zebra Kase with Addax..445 Super Mag Kase with Addax
Addax across canyon Kase taking shot at Addax Brian Tonnacliff with cow elk Larry Farley with cow elk..510 GNR
Randy Barnett with Axis buck..338 GNR Woody Seiders with Sika buck..410 GNR Woody Seiders with Sika Woody Seiders with Sika
The lodge..building 1 Nilgai Typical Tennessee terrain Hunter sneaking up on critter
Lodge #2 Wombat Waterboy's guns Sika bucks down in a hollow
Sika bucks Sika bucks Javelina mount in dining area Zebra pedestal mount
Tiffany's Zebra's ribcage Elk bull Zebra Some of the Misfits telling lies
Blake Naugle John Hefferman Bull Elk Dennings
Dennings JB Elk Nilgai Red Stag
Guns Lodge 2 WaterBoy Lodge Muntjac
Ray Massey
Da Stag Da Redneck Follow Da Leader DA Rections
Da Lodge Doug Faith with a Painted Desert Sheep with a 6.5 Raptor. Bill Strawberry with a hog taken with his 6.5 Jon Hefferman with Russian Boar.