GNR Yak - 356 GNR KNR Yak Da Lodge Charlie Herf's Muntjac
Young Hunter's First Animal Larry Farley's Nilgai Puff's Freak Water Buffalo Charlie Herf's eating size Buffalo
Carol w/ 4 Horn Ram; one shot dropped w/ 257 Raptor Contender, 85 grain Nosler. Andy w/ HI Ram; 41 GNR, S&W 170 loads. Went thru both shoulders. Clay w/ Rio Grande Turkey

One shop dropped w/ a 12 GA. firing 3" magnum turkey loads at 40 yards.

Carol w/ Bison, 310 GNR

One shot at about 100 yards and it dropped like a rock.

Sawyer and his Hog Perry and his Texas Dall
Spotted Yak Medium Bison Tatonka One of these this is not like the other
Where's Waldo He shot Puffy! Now where did that Critter go??!
Hmmm! Guts