GNR Water Buffalo KNR Elk Damon's Pig Puff's Pig
Farley's Pig K P 's Elk Dara's Pig Curly Pig with Pirate Barrel
Doug's Ram Mark and his Curly Hog Muntjac Fang Muntjac
Guns Guns Guns Naney Mae
WaterBoy and Don King Jerry and a Nice Elk
Where's Waldo Water Boy...It's Payback Time!
Tiffany the Hun So I shoot it here? One of these this is not like the other This is da head...
Pap with a Nice Hog Gerald with a nice Hog
Woody Seiders with the Sika Doe

455GNR revolver. 

WB and his Muntjac MEAT!!! Tyler Seiders Fallow Stag

Colt Anaconda

Tiffany and A Hog Tiffany and a Ram Having Hair Done between Hunts Damn Squirrel Moved!