Ragan Faler with his 1st Handgun Kill!! 356 GNR Ray Massey with a nice hog Nice Blackbuck Farley Fallow
Gary and Buffalo Gary's Buffalo Blake Naugle Water Buffalo The Lodge
 Red Stag Red Stag 2 Guys in the Lodge Farley's Blackbuck
The Cake Nanny Mae's place to sleep Brian Tonnacliff with Sika Buck Tyler Seider with big Barbiroussa ram
Water Boy and the Infamous Black Powder Hog Buffalo Herd Dennis and Buffalo Fallow Deer Doe
Gerald's Texas Dall taken with a 243 Winchester Fallow deer taken with 338 GNR Doug Faith with Big Hog Doug Faith with Record Fallow
Scott Tschirhart Doug's Russian Boar Monster Hog Record Book Fallows
Reeder with Big Buffalo - 1 Shot...41 GNR Reeder and Nanni May in skinning shed Howard Ellis with cow elk John Ramsey Miller with Buufalo for freezer
Larry Farley with Record Fallow Randy Barnett with a big corn field elk Randy Barnett with gold medal fallow Scott Boggs with Buffalo
Sean Harper with corn field hog A flatbed truck full of game Woody Seider with a nice hog