Celebrity Handgun Hunt 2008

Well our latest Celebrity Handgun Hunt is now history and a great hunt it was. 55 handgun hunters from all over the country converged on the famous Y.O. Ranch in Mountain Home Texas for a 3 day hunt for charity. The hunt turned out to be an excellent one with the weather pretty much cooperating with us and after all was said and done we raised over 18,000 pounds of meat for the needy. In the 19 years we have been doing this we have donated well over 200,000 pounds of meat for the needy. That's a lot of chili. This is an event I look forward to each year.  Kase and I both attend and do our best to add wild game meat to the larder. Kase took a huge Black Hawaiian sheep and a Sika deer doe, while I took a 7 point whitetail buck and 4 whitetail does. Several of the regulars on our forum, including Jason Puff Daddy Parr, Charlie Herf, Larry Farley, Sean Harper, Bill Firman, Andy Rowe, Scott Boggs and Doug Faith also did their best to add to the total of meat taken. If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. 


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Y-O Lodge and Saloon From left
Puffy, Sean and Larry Farley
 Behind Larry is Doug Faith
talking to Dr. Strawberry. 
Ernie from the TC Custom shop is
 behind Jason (Puffy)
Bill Firman standing talking to 
Kase  and Andy Rowe
(looking away).
 In back by the display 
stand (pool table) is 
Big Daddy GNR talking
to Taz Ridley
our SCI club President
Bar and Barmaid
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FA Single Shot 
.375 Win
that took the Eland
2-story cabin sleeping
  (modernish on the inside)
Sheep Heads inside the 
Chuckwagon eatery.
About a dozen steps 
out my quarters door
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Texas Dall  Wildebeest Dama Gazelle Oryx 
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Piere David  Young Jacobs Ram Bison by cattle feeder Jacobs Ram
GRwithdoe2.jpg (157111 bytes) GRwithwhitetail7point.jpg (116459 bytes) kasewithblacksheep2.jpg (115377 bytes) 378wound.jpg (126879 bytes)
This is one of my 4 does 
taken  with the 
257 Raptor
This is my whitetail buck.
A 7 pointer taken with 
the 257 Raptor
Kase's Black Hawaiian 
 one shot with his 
trusty 378 GNR
That 378 GNR 
eaves a mark.
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8-Pt Whitetail taken with the .378 GNR Nice, positive and 
effective .378 GNR 
Whitetail doe with 
the 240 Raptor 
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Sean's buck taken
 w/ his 8mm GNR
Bill's double; 
both taken w/ 257 Raptor
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Doug's Sika w/ 6.5X55 
My buck taken w/ 8mm GNR Sika w/ Encore 
Dr. Strawberry's 
buck with 7mm
farleywithsika.jpg (120357 bytes) pc040008.jpg (78891 bytes) puffwithunicorn.jpg (123081 bytes) puffwithdoe.jpg (125506 bytes)
Larry Farley's Sika Buck 
taken with a 410 GNR
Charlie's buck
 w/ 280 GNR
Puffy with his 
Unicorn..375 GNR
Here is his Sika doe, 
375 GNR
puffsikabuck.jpg (103300 bytes) 000_0041-3.jpg (134027 bytes) 000_0040-2.jpg (145400 bytes) 000_0011-3.jpg (143817 bytes)
Sika buck w/ 375 GNR 
in a Mini Beast..
Meat Wagon Inside the cooler
dsc_0277.jpg (232851 bytes)
This is what was left 
on Sunday morning.
Note that Larry looks