2007 Celebrity Handgun Hunt

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GR with Sika deer..378 GNR one shot

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Andy Rowe with a great 8 point buck taken with his 8mm GNR. One shot.

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Kase with his Sika deer, 175 yards, one shot 378 GNR, with guide and killer Jack Russell

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Andy with a monster Red Sheep..8mm GNR, along with the Reeder clan and Jack Russell tracker

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Andy with a "rambo" sheep 375 GNR one shot

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Kase with record book Dall sheep...378 GNR one shot

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some people are serious about their hunting

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Andy's other business 

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Bill Firman's 8 point Whitetail, taken with the 410 GNR

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Charlie Herf's 8 point whitetail, taken with the 280 GNR

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