2005 Celebrity Handgun Hunt

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The lodge at the Y.O. Some of the mounts at the Y.O. The very popular Bar at the Y.O A couple of the cabins the hunters stayed in
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The inside of our cabin A Watusi bull Jason Puff Daddy Parr with his Sika buck Puff's Sika Buck
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Puff Daddy with Sika buck taken with 510 GNR GR with Sika buck Charlie Herf with Blackbuck Kase's Red Sheep showing typical 378 GNR exit wound
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Kase with his Red Sheep Kase with his Red Sheep huge horns, 10 1/2" girth Puff with mystery man in background
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Ruger rep Ken Jorgensen, center, gun writer Dick Williams on the left TC honcho Ernie French on the left, Dave Manson, center and GR on the right Magnum Research honcho Jim Skilden, center typical Texas Bar B Q joint