Gary's Gun Notes #7

As I mentioned last time there numerous new items either just out or coming out soon for the shooter/hunter.  Expect some new and amazing things from Smith and Wesson and hopefully some new large caliber leverguns in the next few months.  I saw a new 454 Casull levergun at the SHOT Show but have yet to talk to anyone that has one or who has shot one to give me some idea of the quality of the gun.  The gun was simply a beefed up Rossi Puma in 454 Casull.  I am also hearing lot of rumors of a larger levergun in 475 Linebaugh or maybe even 500 Linebaugh.  Mostly I am hearing the caliber will be 475 Linebaugh so the 480 can also be used.

We released our new BMF a week or so ago and keeps me on the phone about 8 hours a day.  If I had thought that this would interest you this much I would have brought it out last year.  It is a beefed up 4 inch 500 Maximum.  We carry the 500 Maximum brass in stock, as well as the 475 Maximum brass.  The little gun (and I use that term loosely) is absolutely all the fun you can stand.  You can also shoot the standard 500 Linebaugh in it too.

We have another of our own cartridges coming out soon that will appeal to light load target shooters and hot loaded hunters.  It is our 510 GNR.  This little item is .110 longer than the 50 Special but works perfectly for loading the Special without cutting down any brass or doing any fireforming or spending a fortune on 500 Linebaugh brass just to whack it down.  It is also .100 shorter than the 500 Linebaugh but in our preliminary testing (which we are still doing) you can load it up to the same velocities as the Linebaugh.  I have a revolver that I plan to use on hunt in the next couple of weeks on a large bear and should have some results by next month.  By our early estimates the 510 GNR brass will be considerably less expensive than the 500 Linebaugh.

On the 510 GNR we are also working with Kelly Brost of Cast Performance Bullet Company on a lighter 350 grain LBT bullet that should be excellent in the short case.

We received word last week that a good friend of ours had taken a cape buffalo with our new 410 GNR.  This one is the 454 necked down to 41.  The bull was a cripple that needed to be put down and the 410 GNR just happened to be there.  The bullet used was the Speer full metal jacket silhouette bullet.  The 210 gr. bullet hit just behind the short ribs traveling at an angle up thru both lungs and ending up in the off shoulder.  The animal went about 30 yards before piling up.  The shooter put another in just behind the ear as insurance.

Another new toy we have coming out is all the way to the other end of the caliber range from our BMF.  This new mini monster is our Double Deuce, which is an 8 shot 22 magnum built on a Ruger Single Six.  We install a heavy barrel in the length you like, along with a beefier 8 shot cylinder.  We give it the Super Blackhawk gripframe for more gripping area along with our Gunfighter Grip and laminated cherry grips.  the Double Duce comes in our satin Vapor Honed finish or you can have it high polished if you like.  The new 22 looks like a miniature Coyote Classic.  We had hoped to have this one out by mid summer but a tight schedule put the damper on this.  For a neat little varmint or squirrel gun our new Double Deuce should be a lot of fun.  We plan to build it in stainless or our Black Chromex finish and in 22 LR or 22 Mag.  It will be available build on our gun or built on your gun saving you a few bucks.  Hopefully I will have a picture of our prototype on the web site in a few days.  As far as I know this is the only single action 8 shot magnum on the market.

Several other new items are on the slate for late this year or early next year, if time allows.  Yea ... right...


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