Gary's Gun Notes #6

This time of year everything is so hectic with so many people getting ready for fall hunting and no time to get everything done on our end.  We've been working extra hours trying to get the guns out somewhere near on time.  To those of you that have guns ordered and still haven't received them yet, hang in there.  We are currently running a month over our current time frame.   Quite often things like porting, special grips or any special engraving will set our time schedule back a bit.  Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We finally got our new stainless Alaskan Classic in 45-70 out and on the web site.  We've been working on it for several months.  We also hope to get in a stainless version of our 475 GNR Buffalo Buster our by Christmas, maybe.

Another new one that is coming is for those of you that enjoy pain and abusing yourself.  It is our new BMF.  I'll have more details on this new one next month.

For those of you that read American Handgunner and have been a bit miffed over the last year or so by the multitude of articles on the 1911 45 auto, not to mention nothing but the various makes of 1911's on the cover for several years, there is relief on the horizon. American Handgunner has a new head honcho and you can already tell changes are in the wind.  Roy Huntington is the new butt kicker at AH and is a super nice guy.  We may even see some new covers without a 45 automatic on them.  Don't get me wrong.  I own and have carried a 45 auto for well over 20 years. but enough is enough.

My thanks go out to those you that have called, e-mailed, or faxed me say that you like the new "Ask Reeder Custom Guns" section on the website.  I enjoy it and learn something from it every week.  I have Jim Taylor, my webmaster, to thank as it was all his idea.  I may not have the answer for every question that come over  but if not I will pass you to someone that does have the answer.

John Taffin has a couple very good articles out this month on our custom guns.  If you haven't read the newest issue of GUNS and the new American Handgunner, check them out.  John did an excellent article on lever guns and included our 475 GNR Buffalo Buster along with plenty of load data.  This was in the newest GUNS magazine.  In the new American Handgunner he has an article on our Coyote Classic in 218 Bee and 218 Mashburn Bee.  He also has plenty of load data on those 2 cartridges in there too.

I have a bear hunt coming up in North Carolina in November in an area that has produced several black bears over 800 pounds in the last couple years.  I hope to try out our new 410 GNR in the Ultimate 41 on one of those big bruisers if my luck holds out.

Those you that in the group of 20 that has the special revolver built last year, Jim Taylor's custom gun has finally been finished.  This was a gun donated by Chuck Smith that was partially paid for by members of the 20.  The gaudiness and fancy work done on it I happily donated.  Hopefully Jim will enjoy it and slay large critters with it.

A lot of new stuff is coming down the pike.  Right how we are just so swamped trying to get the orders out that we have had to put some of the new items on the back burner.  Nest time I'll tell you more about the new BMF and hopefully one of our new rifles.


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