Gary's Gun Notes #5


This fall promises to be a good one for the gun crowd with numerous new offerings in the way of rifles and cartridges along with a few completely new handguns.  Smith & Wesson has pans for a couple of totally new handguns for next year and even a new cartridge.  Many of us had completely turned away from S&W during the Clinton years but those days are over.  S&W has a new owner who just happens to be from Arizona and is a gun person, and they are doing their best to make up for the bad times in the past.  I have been very impressed by the things they are doing and the new products they plan to build in the near future.  If you are still anti-S&W you might take another look at them and what they are doing. Right now they need our backing so they can get back on their feet.  They make some fine guns and even better things are coming.

For almost 10 years I have held the SCI #1 Red Duiker but a good friend has just taken that title and it was well deserved. He is Jack Amato of Ohio and he has worked hard for several years to get one of the elusive little critters that weigh maybe 20 pounds full grown.  A monster will have 2 inch horns.  Jack just got back from Africa where he took several animals including 4 high record book animals.  Taking one of my #1 animals didn't bother me as Jack took it and all the rest with our 41 GNR.  I was also told recently that there are more animals in the top 5 in the SCI African record book that were taken with our GNR cartridges than any others.  If this is true than my thanks go out to those of you that have taken them with our guns.

If you are a gun lover and really love fine art and workmanship there is a new book out that you need to pick up.  Hamilton Bowen has recently released his book "The Custom Revolver" and it has some of the finest guns ever made shown in it, many in full color.  Those of you that are familiar with Hamilton's work will know what I am talking about.  Those that don't need to find out.  You can order it for the reasonable sum of $39.95 plus shipping.  Call Hamilton at 865.981.8869 to order yours.

We have finally released our new 410 GNR which is yet another 41 caliber wildcat.  This one is our 3rd.  Our original 41 GNR is the 44 mag necked down to 41 and puts the 170 gr. Sierra out of an 8 inch barrel at 2100 fps.  The 41 #2 is the 445 SuperMag case necked down to 41.  It puts the 250 gr. LBT out of an 8 inch barrel at 2000 fps.  The down side to the #2 is that it requires a stretch frame revolver for the cartridge.  I have been working for well over a year on a standard length cartridge that would duplicate these ballistics but in the standard length frame.  This has finally come to pass with our new 410 GNR.  This one is the 454 Casull necked down to 41.  It works in a regular frame revolver but needs to be a 5 shot cylinder due to the pressure generated.  Preliminary testing shows the ballistics almost identical ot the 41 GNR #2.  I have taken buffalo with the 41 GNR #2, in fact, 2 of them, both on one hunt.  Several large African game animals have also been taken with it, one shot using Kelly Brost's 250 gr. LBT.

I have run this one thru almost 2 year's of testing and I like it.  I plan to get one of these to Kelly Brost at Cast Performance Bullet Co. and see if he can break it. He shoots more heavy loads in one week than most of us do in a year.  If it passes the Brost Test then it has to be a winner.


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