Gary's Gun Notes #37

Late summer is finally here, the schools are back in session and ads for the first football games are on the TVs, so can hunting season be far behind? This is the time of year I look forward to. Even though the days will be much shorter and my spare time will be a lot less, I can still get out in the fields with the dogs and wreak havoc among the furry critters. 

Most of the western states now have drawings for big game hunts and those that don't do it yet have plans to do so soon. This is a pain in the ass but really is the only way to do it fairly. I don't like it but I see the need for it. I went up to Craig Colorado a couple of years ago to deliver a Jack Russell pup and we got there on the first day of elk season. The people who bought the pup lived up in the foothills in prime elk country and as we got up into the hills all of a sudden there was no open area on either side of the road. It was completely covered by cars parked, end to end, for miles. For the most part they were Texas, California and Oklahoma cars and trucks parked end to end as far as you could see. There must have been 500 to 800 cars parked on both sides of the road just on the couple of mile drive up to their house.

When we got to the people's home, they said it was like this every year with thousands of out of state hunters descending upon the little town for their elk season. I thought it was bad here but not 1/100th of the hunters come here, even though the biggest elk taken each year are from Arizona. And this is because of the draw system. It's a cursed system but it works. I didn't get drawn for anything this year but maybe next year.

Some new stuff. 

I received a packet of bullets from Kelye Schlepp of Belt Mountain recently. Kelye is making the new Punch Bullet which is a heavy brass jacket with a lead core. The nose of the bullet is flat, much like an LBT style. The bullets that Kelye sent me are his new 370 grain .475 caliber Punch bullets. These new bullets have 3 different crimp grooves, the top one for Freedom Arms revolvers (the FA cylinders are a bit shorter than some), the second crimp groove is for longer cylinders like those we build in our 475 Linebaugh conversions on a Ruger frame, while the third crimp groove is for rifles like our new Master Hunter in 476 GNR and the Buffalo Hunter in 475 GNR. I hope to get a chance to try out Kelye's new Punch bullets this coming weekend. If you want more info give Kelye a call at 406-388-1396 or check out

Smith & Wesson has a whole new semi auto coming out soon. I found it unusual that S&W had taken the name of their premier small off duty cop gun for years and years and put that name on a new semi auto a while back. Their little model 36 snubbie revolver was for years the Chiefs Special. Then S&W dubbed a new 45 auto the Chiefs Special. Now they have done the same thing again. For a hundred years the old model 10 was the Military and Police model. Now S&W has a new line of semi autos out called the Military and Police. They come in 9mm and 40 and look amazingly like a certain polymer pistol whose name starts with a G. The new Military and Police has an interchangeable grip, and only weighs 27 ounces. And also unusual it will be introduced in 40 S&W first and 9mm later, a reverse of the normal way of doing things. 

S&W just got a huge military contract from the Afghanistan National Army to furnish them with their polymer framed SW9VE. This is a very unusual contract for S&W and probably won't be the last one. With Colt all but gone, lots of military contracts will be up for grabs.

Winchester is not asleep at the wheel either. They are coming out with lots of accessories like a line of targets in conjunction with Birchwood Casey's Shoot N C targets. They also have new Win-Oil lube and Win-Wipes gun cleaning rag. They also are teaming with Gerber for a new line of tactical knives

A good friend of mine who is fairly high up in the covert operations of the U.S. government told me recently that the Secret Service and a couple of branches of the government that deal in covert operations have recently taken possession of the new 5.7 pistols from FN. I thought this was very unusual in that a lot of the liberal politicians are doing their best to get the 5-7 banned from importation. They are already calling it a cop killer gun even though no cop has ever been shot at with it much less shot with it. This very unusual polymer semi auto holds 20 rounds of this tiny little round but it appears the gun has a definite use in law enforcement. I shot one about a year ago and it has no recoil at all. I was also told that some new FN mini guns are being adapted to the Little Bird miniature helicopters. These mini guns in a 7 second sweep over a football field can put a round in every square foot on the field. That sure could ruin a good football game. 

Quite often I have people ask me which is the best way to ship a gun to us, UPS or FED EX. UPS has been pretty blatant about being anti gun and now Fed Ex has actually come out pro gun, well, at least pro gun business. They have some new money saving deals for gun shops and firearm distributors. Unfortunately there are times when we still have to ship UPS but we are slowly swinging toward Fed Ex. 

Those of you that watch the Sci Fi flicks have all seen the various good guys using a "Death Ray" on the bad guys. Well, our military is experimenting with one right now. It is called the XADS, and is not really a death ray but close. The XADS is a Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapon. They say they can sweep the weapon across a rioting crowd and incapacitate the whole crowd, without doing lethal damage. Another Star Wars type weapon is the Photon Disruptor. This one is a high intensity green laser that temporarily blinds you and causes nausea and loss of equilibrium. Kind of like being blind drunk. 

They say they are doing it to avoid legal tangles and legal litigation that always follows a shooting. They say that even if you shoot a really bad guy who is killing a child you will probably go to court and more than likely lose everything you own. This way with the various XADS weapons on the market, the Taser is another one of them, you can probably avoid all the career ending litigation.
I think just shooting all the lawyers would be a better idea. 

One other thing. Winchester has recalled some of their Ballistic Silvertip ammo in the 150 grain load. It has a lot number VL82, VL92 or VM10 in the inner end flap. If you have any of this don't shoot it. Get in touch with Winchester and they will replace it immediately.

More later. 



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