Gary's Gun Notes #29

Congratulations gun people, you did it. You helped fight off the onslaught of the liberal Democrats yet again. And this time we kept a strong decent person leading our country. I still have a hard time believing that we won as big as we did. Not only the presidency but more seats in the Senate and the House plus more Republican governors were elected this time. All in all we did extremely well, better than I could have hoped for. 

I have had several people come up to me and tell me that my business must be booming now that the "assault rifle ban" is gone. Duh? There never was an "assault rifle ban". The ban was on hi cap magazines and certain other items that went on assault rifles like folding stocks, flash suppressors etc. Nothing is different other than there are no longer the shysters at gun shows raping you on the price of a high cap magazine. Before the ban died I saw several tables at the Tucson show selling high cap Glock mags for well over $100 each. Now you can find them back under $20, in fact I saw a company selling 10 high caps for $175 on the internet. 

Of course the gun haters are screaming that now that the ban is gone the streets will run red with blood. In many of the bigger cities they are trying to get the ban brought back to life again in their state. It never ends.

Lots of new stuff coming up at the SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas in January. The 1911 is booming right now with just about every company coming out with their version of this classic. Springfield is coming out with a scaled down 1911, sort of a mini 1911 for the new 45 GAP cartridge. Thats the new cartridge developed by Glock that is a bit shorter than the 45 ACP. Kimber has their new Warrior coming out, which is a civilian version of the 1911 they built for the U.S. Marines. Also you can watch for 2 new models called the Raptor from Kimber.

Smith & Wesson has a couple of new 1911's coming out. They also are working on a cartridge that we talked about here before. This is the 500 S&W necked down. My sources say it is necked down to 458 and will be called the 460 S&W. We will have to wait and see on that one. They are being very hush hush on that subject. S&W is also reworking their Sigma to make it even more affordable for the average guy. 

Speaking of 1911's, Kase is busy trying to keep up with the demand for the 1911s especially his 1* (One Asterisk). This one has gone crazy. He has enough orders to keep him busy for a long time, plus he has another new super lightweight 1911 coming out called the Litetanium. This one has a Titanium frame and stainless slide and all the goodies on it, and still only weighs 28 ounces. He already has a couple of gun writers calling for the prototype. He is also exploring the possibilities of a new 1911 in 10mm and one in 38 Super. 

We are also getting lots of calls about our new Keith #5 revolver. The prototype is at one of the gun writers right now and as soon as it gets back it will be sent to a second one and so forth. And I still haven't had a chance to get some professional pictures of it for this site. As soon as it gets back from Gary Paul Johnston, the gun writer I will get some better pictures of it.

I am still getting calls from people asking if it is a copy of the Grover #5. No it is not. Our #5 is our version of the original Keith #5. Bill Grover built what he considered was his version of the #5. Ours is only being built in stainless for right now. Maybe the next batch will be in blue with a color case frame. We currently have 2 versions of the Frontier Classic and of the new #5, a field grade and a deluxe grade, both of which are pretty much deluxe, the only difference is the engraving. We may well put out a third version of each and call it the Shooters Package and like our other Shooters Packages of our cowboy guns, make this one a very utilitarian model and obviously will cost less. I am still undecided on that. The first article on the Frontier Classic is slated for Guns of the Old West and should be released in about 3 weeks. 

Our score sheets came in this last week from Africa, and as usual my guys did extremely well. Every hunter had at least one record book animal and some of them had several. Charlie Herf had 2 record book animals, Jason Parr had 4, Rick Sim had 2, Mark Sim had 1, Chuck Place had 3, and Greg Schuchmann had 2. Of 22 animals taken that were eligible , 17 went in the record book. Several other animals were taken that are not listed in the record books like Zebra, baboon, monkeys etc. All in all it was a helluva hunt. 

Our next hunt in April is shaping up very well too. I will be deciding where we will be hunting in the next few weeks. This will depend upon what animals the guys want to hunt, as just like here in the states not all animals are abundant in the same area. We still have 4 openings left on this next hunt. If you are interested let me know. 

Every year we have a special sale on something in our line up as a thank you for hanging in there with us over the past year. This year we have a sale on encore barrels and contender barrels. The encore barrels are $100 off the normal price and the contender/G-2 barrels are from $75 to $100 off the normal price. The list of barrels in stock is on the "custom guns in stock" page and also more are being added almost daily on our forum at "Ask Reeder Custom Guns". These are all brand new premium barrels, not dinged and scratched barrels and all are in our most popular calibers.

Speaking of popular calibers, every year we go back and tally up the calibers we built revolvers in during the past year and list toe top ones. This year is not a lot different from last year. No new calibers have been added but the placing in the top 10 may have changed a bit. Normally we just list the most popular revolver calibers but this year we have done so many of one caliber in encore barrels that I have listed that one. The top 10 calibers that we have built guns for this past year are...

  1. 410 GNR
  2. 510 GNR
  3. 475 Linebaugh
  4. 500 Maximum
  5. 500 S&W
  6. 41 GNR
  7. 378 GNR (in encore barrels)
  8. 500 Linebaugh
  9. 356 GNR
  10. 454 Casull

Our BMF is turning out to be our biggest seller ever, even surpassing our original Black Widow that we started building back in 1987. Our BMF in either 500 Maximum or 500 S&W is the most useless, beautiful, knuckle bashing, classy, turn your ass inside out, eye catching, wrist wrenching, fussed over, cussed at and most interesting revolver we've ever built. Comments on the BMF run from.."WOW" to "You're out of your friggin' mind". Everybody wants one so they can watch their buddy shoot it. Only in America.



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