Gary's Gun Notes #28

Our favorite time of the year is finally here. Time to get our handguns and rifles sighted in and hit the field. We are already having some monster elk taken here in the early season hunts. This last few years has been strange ones. We have had more freaks and non-typical elk and mule deer taken than any time since we moved out here well over 10 years ago. 

Just yesterday I had a picture e-mailed to me of a 3 horned bull elk that was taken here in the last week or so. Colleen took a freak elk a while back. This bull elk had one horn coming right out of the center of his forehead and the other directly opposite in the center of the back of his head. Not only was it centered wrong, one horn went straight out in a flat line in front and the other, in the back went straight up. Together they made a large L shape.

Last year we had several non-typicals taken here in this area, with 9 to 12 points on one side and 5 or 6 on the other. Having hunted so much over the years I enjoy seeing and taking the freaks that nobody else wants.

Our next Africa hunt is coming together well. I sent in a whole batch of paperwork this week to get our gun permits started. This looks to be one of our best hunts ever. Talking to John Abraham of Madubula Safaris recently, he mentioned that their rains have started and this will help the game population do well over the summer. Our winter is their summer and vice versa. They are into their April right now (our October)and the spring rains have started. The animals should be big and healthy when we get there in our April, just 6 months from now. I still haven't decided on the area we will be hunting in yet but that will be decided when I have everyone that plans to go all signed up and have a list of what they want to hunt in front of me. 

If most of the guys plan to hunt with rifles we will probably hunt in the Rooiport area where long shots are the norm. If a majority want to hunt with handguns then we may well shift to the Venetia area near where we hunted this past summer and where the shots are much closer. Either area is full of large record book animals and will give us a helluva hunt. I have 5 hunters so far scheduled to go and room for several more. This is a truly great hunt and if you are interested, give me a call at 928-526-3313. During this next couple of weeks I will be getting in touch with my guys that are already signed up and get our deposits sent in so we won't lose our spot. The average hunt over the past couple of years has been running less than $5500 plus airfare, with a $1500 deposit. And this is taking 4 or 5 animals. Again, we would love to have you go with us. The best way to do it is get a friend that you like to hunt with and both of you sign up. This way you can hunt together. Just give me a call for more info.

Our 3 new revolvers have finally been born. One is the Frontier Classic, which is a cross between the original first generation Colt SAA and the first generation Ruger Blackhawk with the small frame. I took the best parts of each revolver when I designed our new Frontier Classic. The first of our two prototypes is chambered in 44 special while the second one will be in 45 long colt. Other calibers will be offered later.

The second new gun is our version of the Keith #5 revolver, again in 44 special. This one is also built on one of our 3 new frames, this one the small flattop frame that we just finished. It has the Keith #5 gripframe and all the other necessary features for a great little medium game hunting revolver. This one will be offered in 44 special and 45 long colt also. Remember also that this is our version of the original Keith revolver, not the Bill Grover Keith #5. Bill's was the gun that had the loading gate on the left side of the frame and everything a mirror image of the original, a true right hand gun. That is Grover's version of the Keith #5, but that is not ours. 

Our third new revolver is a continuance of the Keith line up. I figured if Keith were alive today he would still be shooting his #5 but he would be shooting a 44 magnum, which the original #5 is too fragile to handle. So we carried it a step farther and have introduced the Keith #6, chambered in 44 magnum. This one is also built on our own frame but on our bigger, beefier frame, one that will handle the 44 mag with ease. 

The prices on these 3 guns are reasonable. Each will be furnished with a field or standard grade and a deluxe grade. The deluxe will be limited only by the size of your wallet. 

The field grade will have a standard round barrel of your choice, minimal engraving, nice walnut grips or polymer grips, either a high polish or satin Vapor Honed stainless steel finish. It will sell for $1595. 

The deluxe grade will start at $1595 and have options like...

  • Real elephant ivory grips...$500

  • Full 100% engraving...$500

  • Real Mongolian stag grips...$250

  • Octagonal barrel...$500

  • The serial number of your choice...$100.This serial number can also be your last name. if you are John Smith, the serial number could be SMITH or SMITH-1, or your first name if you like.

If you haven't seen these guns yet, there are some pictures of them listed on the opening page. These pictures are not the greatest but I have professional pictures scheduled to be taken very soon. Obviously if you have questions let me know. I have already taken orders for several, all deluxe grade, by the way and all with custom serial numbers. I thought you would like that feature.

Couple of other new guns coming by Christmas. A new Wichita Classic in 41 Special. A new Western Justice in 41 Long Colt, and at least one or two others that I haven't got the design to where I want it yet so I will keep my big mouth closed. At least for the time being. Til next time, keep 'em in the black.


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