Gary's Gun Notes #26

This is the time of year that all the gun companies are rushing trying to get the new guns out that they promised at the SHOT SHOW. Unfortunately few will. It always happens this way. The bugs always come out just about the time the gun should be released. Our own new revolvers have had several set backs but hopefully will actually see the light of day within a couple of weeks. Our own version of the Keith #5 is coming along, slowly, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. This by the way, is NOT a copy of Bill Grover's #5. Bill developed what is often called the "left hand #5" although it is a true right hand revolver and as far as I know is the only true right hand revolver ever made. Ours will more like the original Elmer Keith version, or as close as I can come. Tentative plans call for a standard version and a deluxe version. Right now we are working on the deluxe version that will have engraving very similar to Keith's original along with a set of stag grips. Our guns will be stainless to start out and add a deluxe blue version later. As I mentioned I have talked to several companies that have plans for new guns this fall but are experiencing a few minor set backs. But even with these set backs there will be some neat new products vying for your dollar this fall. 

The Clinton magazine and assault rifle ban is set to run out next month and apparently many areas with very strict gun laws are expecting it to die, so they are enacting new laws to make sure we don't get any of our freedoms back. California is apparently changing many of their laws to screw the residents of the state even more. From what I hear they are going to allow Californians to own some 223 caliber assault rifles but ban all 308 caliber assault rifles. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

I don't really expect many new "good" things to come out of the bad law dying. Unfortunately there are too many crooks in our U.S. Senate and Congress for anything good to come out of this. With people like Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Kennedy and all the rest it is hard for something good to come out of our government. And if Kerry gets in, look for it to get a lot worse. If you thought Clinton was bad, Kerry will make him look like a saint.

In case you haven't heard yet, the new Hornady 500 Linebaugh brass and 500 Maximum brass is now available from Kelly Brost of Cast Performance Bullets. Getting 500 Linebaugh brass in the past has been a real hassle. Now it's as easy as calling 307-857-2940. It is good brass too, which is typical of Hornady. 

I am hearing rumours of a new gun that is from a partnership with Smith & Wesson and EAA. It is being called a "plastic gun", meaning it may well be a gun similar to a Glock. We should know in a month or so. Speaking of S&W, I am also hearing of a couple of new calibers which are based on the 500 S&W brass, necked down. We'll see on this. What I am hearing is strictly rumors. Nothing concrete. 

If you have a special gun that you would like a really nice set of grips made for, get in touch with Dustin Linebaugh. Dusty is John Linebaugh's son and has done the special grips for John for years. He has started his own business and is building some extremely nice grips. You can contact Dusty at 307-899-5368.

Our Alaska grizzly hunt is coming up on the 10th of this month. I will be gone from the 10th thru the 18th. With the hunt coming up soon and conditions changing almost daily in Alaska we have been at a loss for information on the hunting conditions up there. My thanks go out to John Coffey, who hunted up there a couple of weeks ago and gave us a lot of info on the conditions and expected weather for our hunt. Larry Kovach, Dave Manson and I will be on that hunt and will hopefully give the 510 GNR and 378 GNR a good work out in revolvers and encores. From what I hear that special hunt is running a 50% success rate, which isn't bad at all, especially with the cost of the hunt being $3000 rather than $15,000.

Jim Taylor and friends have come up with a new cartridge that is the reincarnation of an older cartridge for the cowboy action shooting crowd. This one is called the 480 Achilles, which is 475 caliber. We are working on the prototype right now and it looks like a neat little cartridge for those wanting something completely different for the cowboy shoots. We will keep you posted on that too.



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