Gary's Gun Notes #2

This time of year, it seems like everyone is gearing up for a special hunt during this coming fall and winter. We are getting more than a normal amount of orders for heavy duty hunting handguns and most of the people ordering them are making sure that I can deliver by late September or early October.

In all my years of building guns I have never seen as many hard core big caliber handgun hunters. No matter what the current big caliber handgun is there are people that want something bigger. I currently have more than 20 orders for the 500 Maximum, or 500 Long as some people like to call it. I think RCBS calls it the 500 Linebaugh 1.600. Either way it's big and it is a brute to shoot with full power loads. Those of you that have been thinking of ordering one of these beasts but hate the thought of fireforming 348 brass and trimming to 1.6, there is a much better way. Good friend Bobby Hayden of Starline Brass now has the 50 Alaskan brass out. This is simply the 348 brass full length with no shoulder. Actually it's a slight bit shorter than the 348 case, but that doesn't matter. You simply trim the brass to 1.6 and you have it. No fireforming, or reaming or any of that stuff. It's excellent brass and works great in the 500 Maximums we are building. You can reach Bobby at 800.280.6660.

Those of you that plan to load for the 475 Maximum, or 475 Long, there is a second solution to that problem too. A year or so ago we had 10,000 pieces of 475 GNR brass made by Starline. The 475 GNR is simply the 45-70 blown out straight. To make the 475 Max all you have to do is trim it to 1.600. Easy. The brass is very inexpensive too. Cheaper than 45-70. We try to keep all the dies, bullets, brass etc in stock at our gun shop for all the guns we build. There will be several new series coming out in the next few months .... A couple of new revolvers and a big bore rifle. And I mean BIG bore. I'll keep you posted on them as we go along.

Safari Club International announced the top handgunners recently. Mark Hampton came in first, Pamela Atwood took second place and I was lucky enough to get 3rd place again this year. I was glad to see Pamela get #2. She is a great lady and one of the most serious handgunners I have ever seen.

Those of you that hunt Africa or plan to hunt there with a handgun, there is a professional hunter you need to talk to before you book your hunt. His name is John Abraham, head honcho of Madubula Safaris in South Africa. We have built several handguns for John over the last 10 years and he is very serious about handgunning. If record book animals are what you are looking for, then you need to contact him. I have hunted with him several times and I have never seen anyone as good. If you are interested let me know and I will get you his info.


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