Gary's Gun Notes #18

Here in the west it's always a good feeling when the schools are out on the first day of deer season, as it was today. It makes you feel that maybe things aren't quite as bad as we read in the magazines and tabloids. Unfortunately that feeling is quickly diminished by more anti gun and anti hunting news that I get. There are some companies and movies that are at it again, trying to take away our hunting rights and our guns.

There is a new movie out that is another hard core anti gun movie. If you remember I mentioned the Wesley Snipes movie a while back that was so anti gun and anti NRA that it was almost as if it were a joke. Now there is another one out that is just as bad, if not worse. It is Runaway Jury. This one is so bad it is all you can do to keep from throwing something at the screen and then going up and punching out the manager. This one is really bad.

Our new CLASSIC STEEL rear sights for the adjustable sight Rugers is finally out, and no it won't fit the Vaquero. It is very much like the standard adjustable sight that is on the Rugers except this one is click micro adjustable and each one is made from a billet of solid steel. They come with your choice of blades, the V with a white post, the white outline square notch and the solid black square notch. They are ready to drop in your Ruger. They fit the Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Bisley, Single Six, and Hunter model along with some double actions such as the Redhawk, Super Redhawk and GP-100. The individual blades are also available separately. They run $79.95 for the sight set up however you like and the extra blades are $14.95.

Apparently Smith & Wesson has their new handgun scopes out and they supposedly will hold up to the recoil of the 500 S&W. We'll see.

My thanks go out to Gary Paul Johnston and to John Taffin for their excellent articles on our custom guns. Both articles are in the newest issue of GUNS magazine. It is out to subscription holders and should hit the newstands and bookstores next week. John's article is on our BIG 5 CLASSIC in 500 Jeffery and is a very good article on not just our rifle but other big bore rifles also.

Gary Paul Johnston's article is on our ULTIMATE 500 revolver which we build on our own stretch frame in 500 maximum or 500 S&W. The gun tested was an 8 inch 500 S&W and to meet the deadline we sent it to him unported. The ULTIMATE 500s we build for the public will all have our Magnum 5 porting from Mag Na Port. After reading the article I came away with the impression that after shooting the new Ultimate 500 Gary had some things to say about me, my guns and my ancestry. Admittedly the Ultimate 500 is a bit much for the average shooter, or even the advanced shooter for that matter. It's more for the guy that likes pain or has a lot of really big enemies. All in all it was a very good article and I think I owe Gary a box of Band-Aids.

I recently had another gun writer call to see about getting a gun for an article and he mentioned that he couldn't understand how I could get any work done and still answer my e-mails and all the questions on my question and answer board, Ask Reeder Custom Guns. The answer to that is that I give myself 10 minutes out of each hour away from my engraving bench to focus my eyes. I answer a lot of the questions during that time. Also my computer is less that a foot from my right elbow while I am engraving so if something pops up I can take a 30 second break to answer it. Also I have 7 very talented people working with me, including my son Kase. These guys do all the hard work like building the cylinders, barrels, gripframes and grips. I am on the phone most of the day even while engraving.

This brings to mind another thing. Most of you either call or e-mail me. No problem. Just don't send me a letter. I simply don't have time to sit down and answer it. Feel free to call anytime. I always enjoy talking to you but don't get pissed if I don't answer you immediately if you leave a message. Sometimes it may be a day or so before I get to my answering machine.

Our next Africa hunt is going along very well. I booked a totally new area this hunt mainly so that more of you can go. The last couple of hunt camps only held 5 or 6 people. This camp holds 12 hunters. We have 7 or 8 so far and room for at least 4 more. If you've been thinking of hunting Africa, give me a call. It's a hunt you won't regret. In fact of our last 6 hunters 3 of them will be going back again this next hunt. It's a great hunt and one you will never forget. An experience of a lifetime. And not expensive. I think my guys this last hunt spent on the average about $5000 total. And that is with a full weeks hunting and 4 or 5 animals. A helluva hunt. Go with us in June, I guarantee you won't regret it.


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