Gary's Gun Notes #17

Autumn is finally here and time to get out in the fields with a good dog and a good gun. This is my favorite time of year. In fact up here in the mountains I think it is law that you get out in the hunting field at least once every 10 days. Up here at almost 8000 feet we don't have any real hot days, never over 90, but this time of year it's so pleasant I look for reasons to load up the Bronco and go out to test fire a bunch of guns.

Speaking of which, I had a chance to run some new ammo thru one of our new series recently and the results were so good that I felt I had to mention it. Hornady has released their new 500 S&W ammo and this stuff is by far the best I have seen and fired. In our new Ultimate 500 it is extremely accurate. It is a thumper, and that is no bull, but it is consistent and clean burning, and very accurate. And the price is not out of line for 20 rounds.

In this business we meet a lot of people that should be used for firing squad practice. People that are using up air that a good cat could be using, and most people know how I feel about cats. These people I try to ignore whenever possible and just tolerate the rest of the time. Every once in awhile you come across someone that is just "good people". Steve Hornady and Wayne Holt of Hornady are such people. They go out of their way to make sure you get what you pay for, Their ammo, dies and bullets are top of the line. They just plain give a damn. They are my kind of people. Hell, I'd be happy for them to date my sister. While I am raving on about people that you should do business with or at least get to know if you get a chance, here are a couple more. Dave Manson, formerly of Clymer Reamers and before that held a position in a Mexican jail, is good people. You probably will never need a reamer, (boy that brings to mind several dirty jokes), but should you ever, he is the man to call. Hamilton Bowen, another Southern gentleman is good people. And it's just a vicous rumour that he hangs around with Kelly Brost, head honcho of Cast Performance Bullets. If you want a custom revolver that is "The Best". Hamilton is the one to talk to. I think our custom guns are nice, but they are junk compared to some of the guns Hamilton builds. And he is a nice guy too.

John Linebaugh should have been born in Tennessee as he would make another fine Southern Gentleman. Soft spoken and easy going, one of the nicest people you could ever ask for in a friend. And a good friend he is. Another easy going fellow is Randy Garrett of Garrett Ammunition. This man would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. If you ever need the best 44 mag or 45-70 ammo for a hunt, call Randy. He's good people too.

One good thing about "good people" is that if I forget someone, they will understand. People like Kelly Brost, Paco Kelly, John Taffin, Jim Taylor, Gary Paul Johnston, Roy Huntington, Bob Baker, Lee Jurras and a lot more. All good friends and all Good People.

We're getting a lot of calls for encore barrels in the WSM cartridges and just in this last week calls for the 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM. We have the reamers ordered for both cartridges and hope to have them in the line up within a month to 6 weeks.

I have had several people ask how the new G-2 did in Africa. I was shipped one of the very early ones and set it up with a 41 GNR barrel and scope. Good friend Larry Kovach asked if he could use it on the hunt so I gave it to him for the hunt. It did extremely well and for those of you that were turned off by the heft and weight of the Encore, the G-2 is for you. It is extremely strong and in the hand feels just like the contender. It is almost as beefy on top as the Encore. I don't care for the wood grips but I don't like wood grips on the Contender or Encore either. All in all it is a good feeling pistol and with it's new frame wall thickness should last a lifetime, even with heavy recoiling cartridges. I have a box full of Contender frames at home that I stretched so bad they are wall hangers only. I don't think I'll have that problem with the G-2.

While on the subject of Larry Kovach, he stopped by the shop an hour or so ago with the ongoing info about his new business. He will soon be cranking up a bunch of new equipment and be loading the 41 GNR, 410 GNR and 510 GNR. He will also be selling new sized and trimmed brass as well. Larry is serious about this and has spent a ton of money to get this going and his ammo will be top of the line. If you have a gun in one of these cartridges and simply haven't had the time to load your own ammo, Larry is the man to talk to. He should be up and going within a month or so. He has his new web site almost finished, and I will let you know when he is ready to roll. And if you had thought about ordering one of our Ultimate 41s or our 510 Hunter but don't reload, this takes the burden off you. Look for magazine articles on the guns and the new ammo in the very near future.

I'm still hearing rumours of a new heavy duty handgun scope from S&W for their 500 but can't tie anyone down to a firm yes or no. I get a lot of maybes and possibles. Hell, I can keep a secret. Sometimes.

Well, it's official. Our next African hunt is set. It is next June 24th thru 30th. Again I booked the entire camp which holds 8 hunters. We leave the 22nd of June, start hunting the 24th thru the 30th and get back here the 2nd of July. And our official FNG#1 is Jason Parr. Charlie Herf, an FNG this past April, now an FOG, is slated to join us too. So there are 5 openings left. And you're welcome to join us.


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