This is turning into one of the strangest times in firearms industry history.  Most gun shops would kill for a supply of ammunition, 22 LR for instance, while other shops a mile away supposedly has shelves full of it. I do think some of the comments that “my local shop has it stacked up” is just one of the “mine is better than yours” stories. If the big box stores don't have it, it probably isn't out there. Stores like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Cabelas and such have some as they get an order in a couple of times a week, but it is gone within 30 minutes or less, so “their shelves are full” is a statement that just isn't true. The Firearms Industry magazine which goes out to all FFL holders stated this past week that they expect this shortage to continue thru the first of the year and possibly as long as another year. If ammunition were to be released in bulk the panic buying would stop, almost overnight. The truth is I simply don't believe the ammo manufacturers are hoarding it back to jack up the prices nor do I believe that the Department of Homeland Security is buying all of it up. It is simply a situation of supply and demand.
The AR-15 situation has diminished considerably with guns sitting on the shelves for days and even weeks. The prices have plummeted and they are currently at or below the level where they were before Obama got re-elected. If you are thinking of buying an AR-15, now is the time. It is a buyers market right now. Many of the semi auto pistols are doing the same. No more gouging (or very little) on gunbroker or any of the internet sites. Oh the crooks are still trying to gouge by putting hard to get guns out at ridiculous prices, but now nobody is buying. Glocks are still slow coming in but they always were. They have 85% of the law enforcement business and the cops have to come first. That's their bread & butter.
We are getting a lot of orders in that were ordered in January and February. We received a big batch of primers, about 35,000 of them recently but again they were ordered 5 months ago. We are still limiting them and selling no thousand packs. There is no guarantee that we will get another batch anytime soon so by limiting them everyone gets a share. The rimfire ammo is dribbling in a bit at a time. We got a big order of 22 Magnum ammo in Friday and a fairly large order of 17 HMR and 17 MK-2. No 22 LR unfortunately but we have many thousands of rounds on backorder so hopefully soon.
Some other things that I consider strange are going on in the firearms industry. That is the fact that companies that I consider a growing stable company are being sold. Savage Arms was bought out recently by ATK, a company conglomerate that owns dozens of companies like RCBS, Weaver, Federal Ammo, and several more. This is the first firearm company that ATK has bought but may not be the last. Rumor going around is that ATK is talking about buying the companies in The Freedom Group. These companies include Remington, Marlin, DPMS, Bushmaster, H&R, New England Firearms, Dakota Arms and several others.  Armalite, a company that has been building the #1 AR-15 type rifle for years has been sold to Strategic Armory Corp. (SAC). The guns will continue to be built at the Armalite plant in Geneseo, Ill.
Some companies are trying to expand as quickly as possible. Ruger has a new plant coming up in the southeast to help them with their tremendous backlog. Unfortunately Ruger suffered a bad blow last week when a storm with heavy rain and high rain collapsed the roof on their Prescott Arizona plant. This was the plant that made all their new SR9, SR40 and the brand new SR45 along with the small concealable semi autos, the guns that are so much in demand right now. Remington is expanding their ammo manufacturing plant in Lonoke Arkansas trying to keep up with the demand for centerfire and rimfire ammo. Remington recently bought our Montana Rifleman, a large company employing nearly a hundred workers so that they would have an ample supply of rifle barrels for Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS and Dakota Arms rifles.  Colt Firearms has teamed up with Black Hills Ammunition to introduce ammunition with the Colt name on it and designed for the AR crowd along with the AR competition guns.
Thompson Center has recalled several brands of rifles, including the Icon, Venture, and Dimension rifles. All guns manufactured before June 13, 2013 are in the recall, which is pretty much all of them. You can call TC at 800-713-0355 for a shipping label. Rumor has it that Smith & Wesson, the owners of Thompson Center, are less than overjoyed with their purchase. Hopefully they won't just dump it on the market to be bought by anyone with a few extra bucks. This would doom Thompson Center.
Wolf Ammunition has caught some flack (and rightfully so) due to their steel cased ammo that is not good for the chambers in any firearm. Now they say they are manufacturing ammunition that is called Polyformance, which is a steel case with a polymer coating. So far only in 223/5.56 ammo.
Here is an unusual one. The bearded country folk in the popular TV show, Duck Dynasty, have announced that they “have entered into an agreement with Mossberg”.  They are being real hush hush with this no other word has been released. Whether they are buying all of Mossberg, part of it, or selling duck call/ shotgun combos. Whatever the agreement is has not been announced.  Mossberg is probably the most popular shotgun company in history and puts out more medium priced and law enforcement shotguns than all the other companies put together. Duck Dynasty has become the most popular show in the A&E television networks. Based in Louisiana, the folks in Duck Dynasty has not released any other word. Duck Dynasty has just signed a contract for next season with a sizable pay raise for each of the Robertson family members.
I have mentioned this several times over the last couple of years and nothing has come of it yet, but Winchester has announced AGAIN that they are bringing back the original model 1873. This one won't be a knock off by some company in Taiwan but actually made in the Winchester plant. That is the good part. The downside is that the gun is slated to be made in 38/357 Magnum. Wonder if they could have chosen a more useless caliber.
The folks in Colorado have had enough. They got more than enough signatures on a petition to recall a couple of their senators in a recall election and will hopefully dump these folks that helped get some of the worst anti gun laws passed. Another lawsuit has been filed by the Sheriff's association against these harsh anti gun laws. 54 of the state's 62 Sheriffs have joined in on this lawsuit. Now even more good news from Colorado. Several counties are working to secede from the state of Colorado and form a whole new state, to be called North Colorado. This is perfectly legal as long as they go by the rules. It will be interesting to see how this goes and interesting to see if other states follow suit.
Years ago there was a mini Mauser on the market in 222 and 223. For some reason it flopped and was dropped. It was a small frame bolt gun and was, in my opinion, a great ladies or small statured person's rifle. It was fine for larger people but due to it's small frame was especially good for the smaller folks. Now Century International is bringing it back. Again it is a mini Mauser and will be chambered in 223, 7.62X39 and 22 Hornet. Rumor has it that it will be made by CZ.
Rimfire and centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition has been in short supply for well over 2 years now and it has now expanded to shotgun ammunition. Buckshot and slugs have become harder and harder to get with some being on back order for months. I have heard that some companies have held off making any more shotshells until the courts settle some more no lead lawsuits. California, going back on what they promised a few years back, now says they want no lead based ammunition for sale in that state at all. This would drastically hurt many hunters. A couple of other states are considering following California's lead.
Those that are going to be hunting this fall should buy their ammunition now, while it is still available. The ammo companies are working 3 shifts a day trying to catch up but the lines they are working on are the calibers that were grabbed up the quickest and the calibers they have the most back orders for, like 9mm, 45 ACP, 223, 308, 30-06, 5.7, and 6.8 among others. If you hunt with a 257 Roberts, 303 British, 6mm, 300 Savage, 32 Winchester Special, 375 Winchester,  or any others that are always a bit hard to find, you should stock up now while they are somewhat available. Small game hunters who hunt with 22 rimfire for sure should grab what you can while it is still available in a few places.
Those of you that camp out a lot will be happy to know that a company is coming out with “carpet” that you can take with you to spread in front of your tent so you won't get your tender little feet nasty by walking in the filthy outdoors. The carpet is by Venture Outdoors and comes in realistic patterns so you will think you are walking in the real outdoors but will actually be walking on carpet. It comes in several sizes, plenty enough to cover the area in front of your tent.
Ruger is making available their new laser for any of their 10/22s with a front barrel band. It simply replaces the barrel band. It has a built in Picatinny rail should you want to add any other light, or other accessory.
Our next Handgun Hunter's Challenge is right at 2 months away and we will have a full camp on this one. So far we have 47 people signed up and will close it off at 50 hunters. The lodges hold a couple more than 50 but I like to give us a few extra spots should someone bring a wife or buddy at the last minute. This will be our largest HHC yet with 50 hunters. We have had 40 on one hunt and 44 on another but have never reached the 50 mark. The HHCs are always a good time, a chance to meet old friends that you may not see but once a year or so. Plus there will be literally hundreds of guns on display for anyone to look at, handle and shoot or hunt with if you like.  Those of you that are flying, if you don't look forward to the hassle at the airlines, feel free to ship your guns and ammunition to me at the shop. Ship it to yourself in care of me and you are perfectly legal. Kase and I will be driving as usual and hauling a trailer so we will have plenty of room. Then after the hunt I can ship your gear right back to your house. A whole lot easier than going thru the hassle of declaring your guns at the airport and worrying that they might not get to your destination. Every hunt I bring guns for several of the Misfits and would be happy to bring yours too. Again, if you want to join us on this hunt, by all means do so. Consider this my invitation to join us. Call 931-839-2091 and talk to Sherry or Amelia and put down your deposit and join us. If you do, make sure and call me or e-mail me and let me know so I can get you on the list of hunters that are going.
That is it for this time, until next time, take a youngster or lady shooting. They are our future.
God bless,