Gary's Gun Notes #12

A lot of the new guns and gun accessories that were announced at the SHOT SHOW are finally becoming available, or at least are there for us to look at and handle.  The new S&W 1911 is a good feeling auto.  I am partial to the 1911 anyway but this one does feel right.  I wasn't able to shoot it but hopefully one will soon be available for me to shoot.  Another company that has been known for it's double action police and military semi autos is, from what I hear, toying with the prospect of a new 1911.  This is a German/Austrian company, not a US company, and for a foreign gun company to think seriously of building a 1911, that usually means they are serious.  More on that later.

The publicity on the new 500 S&W is a lot of guns and not all of them are revolvers.  We are taking a lot of orders for Encore barrels in the 500 S&W, mostly pistol length, but a few in carbine length.  I am hearing rumors of a lever action rifle in the caliber.

Steve Hornady's decision to put out the 405 Winchester cartridges is also a factor behind several orders for that cartridge in our Ultimate Encore.  It wouldn't surprise me at all to see some new 500 Linebaugh ammo and even 500 S&W ammo in the near future with the Hornady label on it.  Let's hope so.

We are making some progress on our new single shot 600 Nitro rifle.  I now understand why many companies will announce a new rifle or handgun and it isn't available for a year or two.  Until we started this project I didn't realize how many small details have to be ironed out and many parts have to be made by other companies, and all this takes 5 times longer than you projected.  The prototype gun is at the test firing stage.  We'll see what happens next.

Another new item that we are working on is one that mentioned a while back and have had several calls for more info.  It's a new addition to our Black Widow lineup. It is our new Mini Widow, which is an 8 shot 22 mag Black Widow. Done with an unfluted 8 shot 22 magnum or 22 LR cylinder and the normal Black Widow marking.  The prototype of that series is just about ready for the photo session and should be on the market within a month.

We are in the process of looking at a larger building to put our shop in. We currently have one building for our gun shop, a smaller building for the machine shop and hopefully another large building coming soon.  This will allow us to add more equipment and hopefully shorten the delivery time a bit.  I've said that several times in the past and it's never happened but maybe this time.  We have 6 new series that are scheduled to be released this summer or early fall if all goes well.

I have had several people call to inquire whether we planned to add any new calibers to our big African rifle.  The answer is yes.  We plan to offer it in 585 Nyati and possibly in 700 Nitro.  Most of the interest seems to be in the 585 Nyati, due in part to one of the more popular gun writers pushing it quite often in his writings.

While typing this I had a visit from an old friend that booked to Africa a couple years ago.  His name is Ray Massey and Ray took some of the largest lions and one of the largest Cape Buffalo to come out of Africa in over 50 years.  He also took a monster leopard and various small game.  I booked him on his first African hunt and now he is Africa crazy.  I being up Ray Massey because I had several of you call about our Africa Hunt coming up in August and tell me you would love to go but you feel you are too old.  All that I can to that is BULL.  I booked another fellow a few years ago that was in his mid 70's and he had never been on any big game hunt before.  On the hunt he took all but on of the Big 5.  He went back the next year and got his elephant for the full Big 5.  Ray Massey by the way is in his early 60's.  So you don't have to be in your 20's to enjoy Africa.  Hell, I'm a long way from my 20's.  In fact I'm a long way from my 40's.  Also don't feel that you have to be an expert shot or an experienced worldwide hunter to go with us on this hunt.  None of us are experts, not do we claim to be.  As I have mentioned several times, this hunt is just for 8 hunters to have a good African hunt. If we take home any new records, then so much the better.  If not, then we've still had a helluva hunt.  I have several new calibers that I hope to test our and if all goes well maybe an Ultimate Encore in 500 S&W.


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