As we close out September and get ready for our official fall and winter hunting season, I will have to say the last 6 weeks has been extremely hectic. With us being so far behind on the custom guns due to the shortage of parts, which means I am on the phone seemingly all day looking for parts, and with all of the normal day to day getting ready for hunting season over at our gun shop, there have been times when I wondered which end was up.  One thing I do enjoy is the visits from folks from out of state or out of country. Apparently there is a big article on us and our custom guns in a magazine called GEO that is a European outdoor magazine. We have had folks in from Sweden, Germany, and Spain during the last month or so, plus all the folks from out of state that stop by to talk and play with the custom guns. Lots of folks from back East on their way to the Grand Canyon (and we just happen to be on the road to the Canyon) and they stop in. We are also re-working the gun shop to increase the amount of accessories we carry. So all in all a hectic 6 weeks or so.
I had really expected to see a large amount of new guns and accessories released during the last 6 weeks or so leading up to our hunting seasons, but the pickings have been slim. The only company to really get into it has been Ruger. The list of new items from them is a long one. Recently they came out with their Single 10 revolver in 22 LR. Now they have released the new Single 9 in 22 Magnum with a 6½” barrel. Both of these are on the Single Six frame, just with higher capacity cylinders. Ruger is also bringing back a bunch of revolvers featuring the Bisley gripframe, hammer and trigger. One is the re-introduction of the stainless Bisley in 45 Long Colt. It is a 5 ½” model like the limited issue one they released a few years back. This one is also a limited issue model. They have the new 44 Magnum Super Blackhawk models out now with the 3 3/4” barrels. It comes in stainless and there is a Bisley model and a standard Blackhawk round trigger guard model. They are bringing the 41 Magnum Blackhawk Hunter back again with the normal 7 ½” barrel as well as the 44 Special Flattop model in blue and stainless. It comes with the Bisley gripframe in a 4 5/8” and a 5½.
Ruger also has a new revolver that looks very familiar. It is a 2Ό” barrel 357 Magnum SP-101 that is full engraved. It is almost identical to one we did for one of the Misfits about a year ago. Even the same engraving. They also have a new GP-100 in satin stainless with a 3” barrel and low profile Novak sights, which is a bit unusual. And if you like the looks of a Mannlicher stock on a rifle (that is the one that goes all the way to the end of the barrel) they have 5 or 6 new models in the 10-22 coming out with stocks in every color from San Francisco pink to full camo. Ands even a wood stock engraved with a cattle drive scene from end to end. Some of these things are not brand new but all are interesting and worth the time to tell you about them.
Those of you  that are older than navel lint, might remember the old Savage over/under model 24, that came in 22 LR over 410 gauge, 22 Magnum over 20 gauge, 222 over 12 gauge and so on. They dropped them several years ago but are bringing it back as the model 42 (I think the guy that gave it that model number was dyslexic).  It features a black stock and forend with a red line on the butt, pistol grip and forend cap. Neat looking little gun. So far it is available in 22 LR over 410 and 22 Magnum over 410. Other calibers to come. 
The list of companies that are building the AR-15 continues to grow. It seems like every company that has two village idiots that can put parts together are tooling up to make them. The market is already flooded with them and one wonders why they are spending the money to tool up, unless they figure if Obama wins they will sell a LOT of guns. I got news for them. If Obama wins we are all screwed. The AR-15s are the least of our worries.
Sort of on the same subject, I had a little questionnaire on the forum last week asking what two guns you would grab if the SHTF in a disaster situation. It was amazing the different thoughts the guys had for a disaster gun. Everything from old WW2 rimfire rifles to 50 caliber BMG rifles. The question was mainly for those in big cities or in the inner cities where if disaster hits, it would be wise to get the hell out of Dodge. This really didn't pertain to those out in the country whose best bet would be to hunker down and wait it out. The majority of those answering the questionnaire came up with an AR-15 and either a 1911 in 45 or a Glock in 9mm. Both would be even better. As John Taffin says “a pair and a spare are best”. I have noticed a few that I consider knowledgeable on handguns to have if the SHTF are switching over to the Glock either in 9mm or 45, the majority to 9mm. The large capacity magazines are one reason. Another is the fact that the Glocks just don't break. Something like 85% of the cops nationwide carry the Glock. That in itself says something. I have even caught myself pulling one out of the showcase over at our gun shop and playing with it. Many years ago when the Glock was first released we were in Florida and every gun shop owner was invited to take the Glock Armorers course free. It was a 3 day course held up in Marietta Georgia and I was one of the first to jump at the offer. After we moved out here Colleen and Kase took the same course and all 3 of us are registered Glock armorers. And being one, I know that the chances of a Glock breaking or failing a person is slim to almost non-existent. I love my Browning Hi Powers but if I had to change or replace it, the Glock would be my choice.  Remember, before you get your panties in a wad, these are my own thoughts and opinions and your mileage may vary.
We got the new version of the S&W M&P in a few days ago. They have really refined the looks and feel of this gun from the old version of a few years ago. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet so I will hold my opinion until I have a chance to do so. It comes in 9mm and 40 caliber. I think I may have mentioned this before but Colt recently was awarded a contract to furnish the U.S. Marines with up to 12,000 of their 1911 CQBP (Close Quarter Battle Pistol) in 45 ACP. These will mainly go to their Force Recon units.
It is interesting to see that more and more companies are building safes to fit in car trunks and under seats and even under the dash and attached to the steering column. Most of these permanently attach to the floorboard on the transmission hump in front of the seat, or to the trunk interior. Most of these are solid 18 gauge steel and with good locks. Most hold either a long gun and pistol or just a handgun. One I saw has a box that permanently attached to the transmission hump and the box the gun is in is a secondary smaller box that locks down into that, so that if you leave the car when you are in a motel or somewhere out of town you can unlock the top half of the box and carry the gun in with you. The top part looks like a small briefcase.  Neat idea.
Years ago there were several 9mm revolvers out on the market. One featured the 9mm Federal which was a rimmed 9mm. For one reason or another the 9mm Federal flopped and was left by the roadside. Several revolvers were chambered in the standard 9mm but for some reason all of them flopped also. Now Charter Arms is bringing back a 9mm revolver. It is their Pitbull revolver. It really don't see a reason for it's existence but some folks prefer a small revolver to a semi auto and I guess that is reason enough. 
A couple of days ago I was in the gun shop and a young couple was looking for Beretta 92 magazines. They were whining that the other shops in town didn't carry real Beretta magazines, only those made by some company called Mec-Gar. And they didn't want any of those off brand magazines. I butted in and talked to them and they bought several Beretta magazines from us that were Mec-Gar magazines. Most people don't realize, due to lack of good advertising I guess, that Mec Gar makes most of the top end companies magazines. They make the factory magazines for Beretta, Para Ordnance, Sig, Springfield XD, Taurus and Browning. Plus probably some others that I can't think of right now. They make the magazines for most of the top handgun companies. So if you need a magazine for your pistol and the only ones you see are made by Mec Gar, buy it.  It is the exact same as the factory magazine.
While on the subject of magazines, I am sure 99% of those owning AR-15s know this but I will throw it in here anyway for that 1%. The best AR-15 magazines made, and the ones used by our troops in Iraq and other vacation spots, are made by a company called Magpul. If you see any of these and need a mag or two, grab them. They are absolutely top of the line. Back a hundred years ago in my much earlier AR-15 days the best were made by a company called Adventure Line. Nowadays Magpul is the magazine to look for.
I don't know if all of you saw a post Kase posted on our forum this past week or not   but several of those ladies are Israeli women, carrying their AR-15s or M-16s over their shoulder while shopping. I thought that a good example of how a very small country holds it's own against countries 100 times their size and population, by having every citizen of the country trained and having access to weapons at all times. There are 3 young girls in those pictures in what looks like an old fashion style ice cream or soda shop and each has their personal AR-15 over their shoulder. It makes one wonder if we would have all the crap we have now with school shootings and such if the same laws existed here. Unfortunately the liberals here are the root of many of our problems.
Mossberg has a new rifle out called the MVP that has a lot of special features that will garner them a lot of sales. First off the gun comes in 223 or 204, perfect for your varmint hunting. Secondly, it uses standard AR-15 magazines. It also has a spiral fluted bolt and is super smooth. It has a fully adjustable trigger that adjusts from 2 to 7 pounds. And they come threaded for suppressors. The good thing about this one is if you get in a whole flock of man eating prairie dogs you can pop in the 100 round AR-15 magazine and wreak havoc on the little devils. That's legal here in Arizona, no magazine restrictions.
Those that keep a pistol by the bed (is there anyone that doesn't?) there is a new special nylon holster that holds either a revolver or semi auto and the top part of the holster is a flat piece that slips between the mattress and box springs. The bottom half hangs out and drops down beside the mattress and this section holds your pistol. A really neat idea. You can see it at It is a Blackhawk holster.
I mentioned this a week or so ago. If you have problems with bears, feral dogs, rabid piss ants, wasps or yellowjackets, liberals, or any other pain in the ass critter, put a can of wasp spray where you can get your hands on it quick. Nobody thinks anything seeing a can of wasp spray sitting on your car seat or kitchen cabinet of hanging in your holster. But wasp spray is MUCH stronger than pepper spray. It will kill a snake on contact. It will instantly kill a rat or mouse on contact. And it even works on wasps. It shoots a strong stream out about 20 feet, whereas bear spray or pepper spray limits you to arms length situations. Makes sense to me.
Pelican Cases, the folks that make what to me is the best gun case on the market, now has smaller cases for single handguns. It is flat, waterproof and crushproof and has the little blocks of foam that can be pulled out to make a section to fit the outline of your gun. It also comes with a shoulder strap and looks just like a small computer case. It is the model P1075.
Several times on here I have mentioned the 1911s by American Tactical that are excellent 1911s. They now have a new one out called the FX45 Thunderbolt. It has all the special features that you pay extra for (a lot extra) on some of the big name 1911s. They have a ported slide, adjustable sights, picatinny rail, skeleton trigger, 5” barrel, and best of all is in 45 ACP (what else would you expect of a 1911?). They are smooth and accurate and priced at about half of what the big names price their guns for, with the same features.
A new unusual pistol has just been released. The gun itself is built on the same design as the original MAC-10 pistol, and that is not unusual. What is unusual is it is chambered in the 5.7X28, the caliber the FN 5-7 is chambered in. It comes with a 20 round mag standard and larger ones coming. It is set up for red dot sight, is suppressor ready and has a muzzle brake if you need it. It is called the ATACS pistol and is made by Masterpiece Arms. It is not something every blue haired old lady will want in her purse, but some will.
I saw a new set of ear plugs recently that were the butt end of a 375 H&H case with a soft rubber tip on it that fit in your ear. The whole thing was maybe 1½” long. The odd thing was that only about an inch of the 375 H&H case stuck out of the ear, making it look like 2” of the case was sticking inside of my head.
Our next HHC, Handgun Hunter's Challenge is now less than a month away and lots of neat things are in store for us. Alan Wilson, the owner of the Wilderness Hunting Lodge has bought 3 new sections of land and that added to his other parcels give him almost 15,000 acres of huntable land. I will be talking to him again this week for some more of the specials he has in store for us. For those thinking of joining us, here are some of the specials so far for this hunt..
A bull Elk, score up to 350 for $3950. Not 10% of the bull Elk taken each year in this country will make a 350 score. That is about a $12,000 to $15,000 bull but Alan has it for $3950 with no hidden fees.
A spike Elk and Boar combo..$1975  there is the special to fill up your freezer.
A cow Elk and Boar combo...$1750....another freezer filler.
A Fallow buck and Boar combo...$1975
A Boar and Ram combo...$1250
a meat Water Buffalo and Boar combo...$1975
African Eland...$1950
A Muntjac...$975
A trophy Boar...$995   These are the big boys, normally $1500
A Red Stag...$2450
Now here are the real deals. He has several big bull Elk that score from 420 to 450. These will go for $6500. Living out here in Elk country I have seen a lot of really big bull Elk but never have I seen a 400 score bull Elk, much less a 420 or 450 bull Elk. On our Mescalero Indian reservation where they have some monsters a 420 bull would cost you a minimum of $45,000 and probably closer to $65000. A 450 bull would run you probably close to $80,000, and Alan is pricing them to us for $6500. The top bulls taken here in Arizona last year scored less than 450. So a person taking a 420 to 450 bull Elk will have one of the largest trophy bull Elk in the United States. Not bad, huh?
One of the guys that works for me is thinking of selling his virgin sister to raise the money for this big bull Elk, but I have seen his sister, At 6'9”, and 400 lbs., I don't think he will do well with it.
If you want to join us call Sherry at 931-839-2091 and put down your $250 deposit. There are a lot of other critters there other than the ones I mentioned above. He has all the exotic deer, including Axis, Sika, and Fallow. All the exotic sheep including Merino, Corsican, Black Hawaiian, 4 Horn, and Aoudad. Hundreds and hundreds of wild boar, a good size herd of Bison. Yak, Water Buffalo, Nilgai,  plus a lot more. We will have probably 35 to 50 hunters there and an extremely large display of guns for you to look at, play with and hunt with if you like. Plus the fellowship of that many serious handgun hunters. Several of the hunters are bringing their wives, sons or daughters and we highly encourage that. There is a special lodge that I reserve for the families so that won't have to go thru the shock of seeing Puffy walking thru the lodge naked. The HHC is a great time and is about one third of the price of the other hunting preserves. Join us if you can and bring a buddy.
Until next time, get ready for hunting season. It is right around the corner. And take a lady or youngster shooting. They are our future.
God bless,