January is quickly fading into the past and a monster year is here. A year with the most important election in the history of the United States in November. The republicans are fighting like nasty little boys and the idiots donít seem to realize they are endangering the entire country with their mud slinging. Romney has turned into a grade A  asshole with his dirty politics. Gingrich is fighting back with not quite as much mud slinging, but at least he is not rolling over to Romneyís lies and slander. My old Grandaddy once told me, a man runs for office for one of 2 things, money or power...but when Clinton was in office I had to add a third thing, lots of sex. Now Romney is a multi multi millionaire so it canít be money. I think he is a eunuch, so it canít be the free sex. That leaves us with Power. And that is what scares me. George Soros, the anti-American liberal billionaire pulling Obamaís strings told the liberal Europeans over the weekend not to worry, that even if Romney is elected, he is just as liberal as Obama. That should scare us all. This is one election where anyone that considers themselves a true American canít fail to vote. Whether it is Romney or Gingrich, we have to get Obama out of office. The United States cannot live thru another 4 years of Obama.

The 2012 SHOT SHOW is over and I had planned to go over all the new items that were announced at the show but my gut feeling tells me not to. I feel that probably 80% of the new items announced were simply concept items. In other words, build one or two prototype guns and if there is a LOT of response to them at the show, then build them, which means 2013 at the earliest they would hit the dealerís shelves.
I went back to this time last year and wrote down all the new items that were announced at the 2011 SHOT SHOW and over 80% of them never made it to the dealerís shelves. Watching all the videos of the interviews of the manufacturers talking about their new products in almost every case they said they would be released by the end of this year. Concept guns. So I decided to only mention a couple of new things that are either out now or almost out, and will be within a couple of weeks.
First off...menís panty hose! Yep, and not just for Puff Daddy. These are man size panty hose designed for cold weather wear under your prom dress. The company said that long johns were no longer popular as they get hot in the heat of the day, but the new menís panty hose donít get hot. They come in regular panty hose and standard thigh high hose, stockings, nylons, whatever you wish to call them.  Not really sure if there is a garter belt to go with them or not. Wasnít it Joe Namath that wore panty hose under his uniform while playing football back in the 60s? I think they just come in black. You can bet Scott Boggs will be one of the first to try them out.
One of the companies that will have their guns out on time is Ruger. Their new American rifle is ready to ship. This is the new rifle that comes with a synthetic stock, all the necessary features and Rugerís reputation for fine guns and retails for under $450. From what our distributors have told us, it is ready to ship. Another is their new 22 pistol, the SR-22. This pistol looks amazingly to me like the Walther 22 but with Rugerís name on it, it should be top notch. This one is also shipping right now and retails for a hair under $400.
Probably one of the most unusual new rifles to come out is the new Mossberg 464 SPX Tactical Lever rifle. It is a lever gun in name only. It sports a 6 position collapsible stock as found on an AR-15. It has the tactical forend that holds all the lights, lasers and gizmos you could ever want. It is all black (you expected something different from a ďtacticalĒ rifle?) It will have a flash hider option and yes it does come in 30-30. They have it slated for 22 caliber also. The company Chiappa has several new lever guns out but I have a hard time promoting them, and will not carry them in our gun shop. All their firearms have a chip inside them that they say will help you find it if stolen. That means the government will know exactly where your guns are if they so choose. Nope, no Chiappa guns in my safe.
Several states have now approved the use of silencers (suppressors) for hunting. Arizona has a new bill ready to be brought before the house to allow suppressors in hunting. With the cities growing outward constantly and more and more areas being made off limits to shooting and hunting, the suppressors will hopefully help that with less noise and less griping and bitching among the liberal idiots who want everything their way.
Kase has a new ďstick Ďem and stab ĎemĒ knife out. It is a extremely well made combat knife called the Enforcer. It comes with a nice leather sheath. I will have pictures of it on the web site later this week.
Our new reloading manual has officially gone to the printer. I had a couple of new calibers I was waiting until the dies were released so Sean Harper and I could come up with adequate loading data. Sean just finished the testing this past week and got the data to me. I had already sent the other data to the printer and was just waiting on some new pictures to come in plus the new data. They both came in last week and are now in the printerís hands. The first reloading manual was 23 calibers and 47 pages. The new reloading manual is 90 pages and almost 50 calibers. Almost twice as thick with twice as much info as before. I hope to have them by the March HHC.
I also have finally finished my new handgun hunting book and will get it to the printer as soon as the new reloading manual is shipped. I am in need of more hunting pictures of you with your game taken with a handgun. If you have a picture or two, e-mail them to me and hopefully I can use them in the new book. I still need about 25 to 30 pictures to fill that many spaces.
The HHC is coming up in about 6 weeks, March 8-11. The lodge holds about 46 hunters and we normally fill it pretty close to full. A few times we have gone over that figure. The hunt is held at the Wilderness Hunting Lodge in Monterey Tennessee. You can see more of the lodge at www.wildernesshuntinglodge..com. The prices are very good, about 1/3 of what the other preserves charge. And they have many thousands of acres to hunt. The game there includes all the exotic deer and sheep. Elk, Red Stag, Yak, Bison, Water Buffalo, many many hundreds of wild hogs running wild, Javelina, Blackbuck, and much more. Here are some of the specials the owner Alan Wilson has in stock for us...
any 2 hogs, or a hog and a Fallow doe for $995.
Trophy Fallow or Sika buck for $1450, add a doe for a total of $1750.
Two trophy deer or a trophy deer and a hog for $1750.
Exotic sheep, including Merino, Corsican or Barbado...$695
Black sheep, 4 horn or Dall sheep...$795
Water Buffalo...$995 to $1950, normally $2500 for a big bull.
Bison..$995 to $1950 normally $2500 for a big bull.
Yak...$995 to $1950 normally $2500 for a big bull.
Red Stag...$2450 and up. These are normally $3500.
Elk Bulls...$2450 to $2950. These bull elk would be a minimum of $10,000 anywhere else. These are normally $3500 but marked down just for us.
Spanish Goats...$695.
And remember these prices are all inclusive. There is no food or lodging fee and no guide fee. The only extra you pay is if you have the animal butchered and packed. And even that is super cheap.
Plus a lot more, and maybe some really special critters for us to hunt too. If you are interested, just call Sherry at 931-839-2091 and put your $250 deposit down and join us. If you have a friend, wife or youngster that likes to hunt, bring them too. Everyone is welcome, and although we book this as a handgun hunt, use what you are comfortable with. As normal there will be 50 to 60 guns on display for you to handle, shoot and hunt with if you like. There will be a lot of giveaways as normal. This is a great time and a great hunt to boot. You get to meet the rest of the Misfits and to handle some of the new custom guns. And at a great price too. By all means, if you can make it, join us for this hunt. If you fly in, you will fly into Nashville on Thursday the 8th of march, and one of us will pick you up at the airport or you can rent a car. The lodge is 90 minutes northeast of Nashville off I-40. We hunt all day Friday and Saturday and leave out on Sunday. The actual dates are march 8 thru 11. Call Sherry today and join us for the next HHC. This is the 73rd hunt we have booked since January 1987. Join us. You wonít be disappointed.
Til next time, take a wife or youngster hunting and shooting. They are our future.
God bless,