Gary's Gun Notes #10

The new 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum is still the hot topic these days, and not just the one built by S&W.  Several custom gunsmiths plan to market one in some form or another.  Our new ULTIMATE 500 is out on the site.  It is built on our own big beefy stretch frame and comes in the barrel length of your choice and with whatever engraving you like as far as game scenes or scroll engraving. This bruiser is not for those that like them light and dainty.  This one is big and heavy and meant for thing only, hunting.  It is not for plinking on the weekends unless you are plinking at a grizzly or cape buff.  We have also added the caliber to our BMF series.

Our new lined holsters are in and really look nice.  We have new straight hip and crossdraw holsters for most of our series including our Alaskan Survivalist and the new 8" Professional Hunter and the Ultimate 500.  Also new holsters for the 4" BMF in left and right hand.  Also a new sued lined shoulder holster for the big stuff like the 475's and 500's.

I talked to a couple of people from New Mexico that drove over to take a look at some of the custom guns that are on display in our gun shop next door.  They were cowboy action shooters and were wondering if we had forgotten the cowboy shooters lately due to all the monster hunting guns that we have been promoting of late.  To you cowboy shooters, we have not  forgotten you.  I can't go into too much detail yet as we are still playing with the prototypes, but we have at least 4 new cowboy guns coming out very soon. All I can say at this time is that we have a snubbie deluxe Schofield, a 3 cylinder quick reload 45 LC, a new 38 wadcutter Single Six and one other that is still undecided yet.  But anyway, you're not forgotten.

I get calls every week from people that say they want a 475 or 500 but don't want any special features or fancy scroll work or even any special grips.  They say they like them plain.  I tell them, "Sure you do. And you're going to the bar this weekend and picking up the fattest, ugliest oinker in the place and take her home."  To that all I can say is Bullshit.  Nobody wants ugly.  You pay good money for a custom gun whether you get it from me or John or Hamilton or whomever.  Everybody wants a gun that will knock the socks off your buddy, to show off to your friends. That just human nature.  So if you want a nice classic styled gun with a simple satin finish, just tell us so.  Don't give us the "I like ugly crap.

For those of you that  like the classic style revolvers, we have a new 475 coming out just for you.  It's not ugly in any sense of the word but maybe not quite as glitzy as I like them.  I'll let you now more about that later.

This is our 25th Anniversary year, having started back in 1978.  We will have at least one model out this year as the 25th Anniversary Model.  We're working on the prototype right now.

We have a new Frontier Classic coming out this week.  It is a full engraved Model 1866 Yellowboy.  The prototype is in 45 Long Colt but will be available in other calibers.  It will be offered on our gun and done on your gun also.  The picture should be on the "What's New" section in a couple days.

We are still running about 8 months delivery time on most items.  I have a full crew of guys that are very good at what they do.  I still do all the design work, all the engraving, final finish work and the final fitting.  My crew does all the hand work like hand fitting the cylinders and barrels, lapping the new barrels, timing and throating and all final test firing.  Most of the new design of the new series I do at home on nights or weekends.  This way we don't sacrifice valuable time when we could be finishing your new revolver.  I knew what you were thinking.

Oh yes, another new item coming.  A very well made revolver that shoots several different calibers of cartridges in one cylinder that has been built down in Texas may soon be build under license here in Flagstaff.  We are working on all the details and legalities right now and will have more for you later.


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