Gary's Gun Notes #1
Extremely Big - Extremely Small

This is the first edition of  a new column relating to our custom guns, custom calibers, special editions, new products and other items that you have questions about.  We are constantly coming out with new series and sometimes there are features that are not covered well enough in the ads.   I will try to keep you posted on new items that are ready to be released and cover any changes on any of our current series.

Extremely big and extremely small seems to the directions our firearms industry is heading.  This will pass and things that seem non-important now will be big news again.  Recently we built Steve Hornady a special little revolver in .17 HMR or .17 Hummer as I like to call this little speed demon.  This little revolver shot extremely well for us and was clocked by Steve's people at almost 2200 fps out of that little short barrel.  We are currently building another one for gun writer Dick Williams. to play with.

On the other end of the spectrum we had had several orders in the 6 months for rifles for  very large game.  We are finishing up a .585 Nyati,  a .460 Short,  a .510 Wells, and couple of other African varmint rifles.  The .585 Nyati is an extremely punishing rifle when built at 10 to 12 pounds, which the one we are building specs out to, on the customer's specifications I might add.  The max load in this particular rifle is a bit under Ross Seyfried's maximum loads in his 18 pound rifle.  He calls for 160 grains of powder and a 750 grain bullet.  We stopped at 140 grains of powder and bruised shoulders.  The .510 Wells seem to be a better choice as it is the .500 Jeffery which were are building in our Big 5 Classic on the Ruger #1.

We are always pleased when special orders for special people come in.  We are currently working on a series of 9 custom cowboy guns for Frank Beard of the rock group Z.Z. Top.

A lot of email lately about our custom cartridges, especially the .41 GNR and the .41 GNR #2.  If you plan to hunt deer and wild hogs then the .41 GNR is your best bet.  We have taken game the size of elk and caribou with it but it really shines on deer sized game.

The .41 GNR is simply a .44 Magnum case necked down to .41.  We recommend you use either Remington or Starline brass for the conversion.  The .41 GNR clocks out at 2100 fps out of an 8 inch TC barrel.  Due to the straight case and a short neck the case never backs out in a revolver.  The best bullet for the .41 GNR in my experience has been the 170 gr. Sierra bullet which kills way out of proportion to it's size.  I have used it on dozens of elk sized African game and it produces one shot kills if I do my part.

The .41 GNR #2 is a big game thumper.  This one takes a larger revolver like the Ruger Maximums of a few years ago. It does very well in a Contender or Encore barrel also. My personal .41 GNR #2 is the prototype of our PROFESSIONAL HUNTER series with a heavy 8 inch barrel.  It is the gun shown on the web site and is extremely accurate.  The .41 GNR #2 has taken large buffalo and scrub wild cattle through the years with one shot.  It is based on the .445 Super Mag case and shoot the 255 grain LBT bullets very well.  We have also taken buffalo and others with the old Sierra 230 grain Silhouette bullet which is almost an FMJ except for a tiny bit of exposed lead at the tip.  The .41GNR #2 is a thumper on both ends and the recoil is about the same as a hot 454 Casull.  The Dan Wesson 414 Super Mag can also be rechambered to the .41 GNR #2.

Should you have any questions about any of our custom guns or cartridges feel free to email me at  or visit the Ask Reeder Custom Guns section and post your question there.  If the question is one that I get a lot of calls about we will go into it deeper here.



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