What a strange few weeks this has been. With Baldwin shooting and killing one of the ladies involved in filming Baldwin’s new movie. Then his crying for days to get sympathy from the left wing liberals, and succeeding in doing so.

So far the blame seems to sit on the gun that was used,  a Pietta single action in 45 Long Colt. The liberal press would have us believe that single action cowboy gun just fired by itself. They haven’t bothered to check out how a single action revolver can’t shoot itself, but that is one of the facts that they prefer to ignore.

Right now they seem to be heading toward putting the blame on either the gun or the armorer. Baldwin killed a young mother and yet the New Mexico law enforcement decided not to hold him on any charge. They probably arrested the gun. So he is now up in the north east at his mansion, probably crying if he thinks any media might be within range to film it.

It is a sickening situation but hopefully it will surprise us and some charges will be placed against this hard core anti gun movie person. I can’t call him a star or anything of the nature as he is far from that.  I guess we shall see.

It seems that this edition of Gun Notes is heading toward a dark morose edition. I say that because today I got a copy of Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar bill that he is doing everything he can to pass. If it passes this country will never be the same. To say it is doomed would be an over statement as the country will still be here but it will never be the same as we will have lost all our freedoms that we have had for almost 250 years. The bill is full of things to help destroy this great country of ours. I posted it on my forum today if you have the stomach to read it. This is not just a chance of things happening to this country of ours. Biden and his evil cronies are dead serious about this. Read the bill and send it to everyone you know. Without God’s help on this we are truly doomed.

Now maybe some good news for a bit if nothing else it may get all the bad news out of mind for a while.

A lot of new guns are being introduced but whether they will see the light of day before next year is iffy. The ammo manufacturers are still almost a billion rounds back ordered. Yes, some is coming in but it is slim pickings and the prices are considerably higher than at this time last year.

The new Ruger 57 is selling well when we can get one but ammo is almost non existent.

As I mentioned a month or two ago we recently  helped the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation  in their yearly dinner to raise much needed funds. Some of the guns raffled off or sold were some of the new calibers, like the 6.5 PRC, the 6.5X300 Weatherby and other new calibers. When the folks that won the guns can rushing into our shop to do the paperwork and get their guns they were disappointed that there was no ammo for them. Now, 2 months later the ammo is still not available in any numbers. I got to handle the new Mossberg Patriot Predator recently in the 6.5 PRC. It is a really nice rifle and will make someone a great deer rifle, if we can ever get the ammo for it. Every day we have folks come in the gun shop asking (almost begging) for the various new calibers that were released simply at a wrong time, but who knew?

OK, maybe I didn’t quite get away from the negative stuff. Let’s try this.

Most of you know by now that there are 2 new Hi Powers coming out hopefully soon. And no these aren’t our Ultimate Hi Powers, although there have been 60 of them over the past 3 or 4 years. These new Hi Powers are supposed to be true copies of the original Browning. One is by the company Gerson and the other is from Springfield Armory. Being that I am not a strong lover of anything with the name Springfield Armory on it, I am rooting for the new Gerson.

Recently Steve Hornady and his crew came out with something no other large ammo manufacturing company has done in recent memory. They are coming out with ammo named Handgun Hunter and have it coming in 9mm (although this might be pushing the term “handgun hunter” a bit), 357, 40 S&W, 10mm, 44 Magnum and 460 S&W. The unusual part it their choice of ultra lightweight bullets, like 130 and 135 in the calibers up to 10mm. Then 200 grain in the 44 Magnum and 460 S&W.  Knowing Steve Hornady, he won’t bring something out that hasn’t been fully tested and proven worthwhile, so I am anxious to try some of these rounds, especially the 10mm and 44 Magnum.

Ruger’s new Max 9 pistol is coming out with a new red dot by Crimson Trace. This should be a good seller for Ruger as the Max 9 is a great little concealed carry handgun.

Speaking of new concealed carry handguns Mossberg has added the MC2SC pistol to the lineup. It is a micro compact and comes with 11 and 14 round mags.

Speaking of Mossberg they have a new version of their fine 590 shotgun labeled the 590S. It will cycle and shoot all the 12 gauge shells from 1.75”, 2.75”, and up to 3” magnum. It also comes with the birds head grip for home defense. The 590 is such a great shotgun this new 590S should be no different.

With all the small concealed handguns, mostly in 9mm, released over the last few years the 1911 has sort of take a back seat to all these pocket pistols. But now Auto Ordnance has released a new all stainless 1911 in their GI model.

On would think with all the AR-15s and AR-10s out there who would bring out a new one. Well leave it to Armalite to do so. Back a hundred years or so ago I shot every weekend in combat shoots in Tennessee and used an Armalite AR-180. Without the gas systems of many others I never had it fail me and in some of the shoots we were required to crawl on our stomachs thru muddy water and encounter bad guy targets while doing so. My Armalite never failed me. At the time I was still in radio in Nashville as a DJ and our company bought a new station on an island off Sarasota Florida and I was moved down there as Ops manager so that put a stop to my combat shooting. And with no combat shoots in the area and no groundhogs or varmints (except the 2 legged kind) I did something foolish (I have been known to do stuff like that) I sold the AR-180. Jump ahead 25 years and move completely across the country to Arizona and I acquired one of the new AR-15s by Armalite and it was no disappointment to me. It was just as good as my old 180, maybe even better. Now to the rest of the story. For those that want the best, Armalite has the new SUPERSASS Gen 2 rifle out. It is the civilian version of the military sniper rifle in 308 (7.62 X 51). The name SASS stands for Semi Automatic Sniper System and was originally designed for the U.S. Army. But now the civilian model is available. It has it all including guaranteed accuracy. Too many features to list here but if you get a chance to check out the new SUPERSASS, by all means do so.

One more thing, Ruger now has a left hand 10/22 competition rifle out, or will be soon. This one will be perfect for the lefty small game hunter or competition shooter and from Ruger you know it will be good.

That’s it for this month. I apologize for the dreary news up front but that 3.5 trillion bill that Biden us trying to push thru is so very important that every gun owner and conservative needs to know about it.

Til next month, if you can find any ammo, take a youngster or lady shooting. Even more so these days they are our future.

God bless,