A couple of Gun notes back I was hesitant about talking about what may lie ahead of this country of ours and the whole world for that matter. We had just gone thru a small scare when 2 bus loads of Antifa came to Flagstaff to cause trouble. The police kept them surrounded and kept the prospect of trouble down to a whimper. For 2 nights in a row, at the policeís recommendation I sat in the dark in my gun shop with my bullet proof vest on and an AR-15 on my lap. Kase and a buddy of his did the same in one of our machine shops. Fortunately nothing happened but it gave me a lot of time to think of what lies  ahead of us in this next few months.

I started to go over these thoughts on the last Gun notes but I donít like being the bearer of scare tactics or being a chicken little yelling the sky is falling. But this needs mentioning, and if it saves even one life then it is well worth the few minutes it takes to type this up.

November 2020. This month could be a terrible time for America or just another post election month. I donít know which one but my gut feeling says it could be really bad. If, at the end of this Gun notes, you think I am completely nuts, I will accept that. But on the other side of the coin if you think these things could happen then you will have 3 months to get ready.

If Trump wins the election and I pray to God that he will for he is the only chance this country has of a semblance of peace for the next 4 years.  On the morning after the election is ratified, I really believe all Hell will break loose. We have seen the weeks and weeks of rioting in Washington and Oregon. And that was really over nothing. Supposedly it started over the death of a black man at the hands of the police, but that reason was long forgotten as the rioting and burning of buildings and businesses became itís own reason for violence.  When the Black Lives Matter thugs realize Trump is president for another 4 years the real rioting will start. Nothing will be safe. In many areas the police will have been defunded and they have gone their ways. That not only means people in the large cities will have nobody to help them make it through the violence. And the people in the big cities will be those to be hurt first. Entire blocks of homes and businesses will be burned to the ground. Decent people will lose everything, maybe even their lives. There will be nobody there to come to their aid. They will be on their own.

As the next few days come and go more and more large cities will begin to burn as the rioters and looters become more and more bold and burn down police stations and kill anyone that poses any threat to them. In the north east where semi autos and most other guns are banned the damage and deaths will be much worse. Some states like Virginia where idiotic politicians have disarmed the populace will be hell on earth as the rioters and looters spread into that state. Those smart enough to have their guns and ammo stashed back and not bow down to an idiot Governor will be able to protect their families. The rest will be lost among the riots.

Most of the South will be strong and put up a hard front for the rioters and looters to try to get past. Some areas like Atlanta will have serious problems with so many agreeing with the Black Lives Matter idea, even if that reason for the rioting became a thing of the past long ago. Most of the South will not give up their guns and in fact most will have added more guns and ammunition to their larder over the past couple of months.

In the deep south of Florida it will be bad with the large population of blacks, Haitians, Jamaicans and others that will use the election as an excuse to riot and loot. Old retired people will be ground under the feet of the rioters and looters as their nice homes become prime targets for the looting and burning. Miami will be another Hell on earth.

The mid west and parts of the west will have their own problems. Some of the larger cities like New Orleans, Jackson, Houston, Phoenix and quite a few others will have their own problems with all the gangs and the rioters and looters roaming these cities looking for victims. Some of these cities have already had their own problems with small riots and building and businesses destroyed. This will get much worse as the days after the election wear on. The police wonít be able to contain the destruction. The people will have to depend upon themselves. Those that took the time and efforts to get themselves and their families ready will be able to weather the storm, by hunkering down and letting the rioters try to get to them or gathering several families armed well together. A home with a family armed with AR-15s and semi auto shotguns and ample ammo will be able to make it thru.

As the rioting and looting spreads toward the California coast they will meet other rioters and looters that have been ravaging the state since the election. Anyone living in California during this time will have it especially bad due to lack of the right guns and ammunition to fend off the crazies. Between the BLM and the dozens of gangs living in California just being able to survive will be a monumental task. Few will survive these days.

This is what I really believe will come to pass after the election. I hope and pray it wonít but I donít see what can stop it other than Federal troops being brought in by the thousands.

Now, on the other side of the coin, Biden wins and almost immediately will start to run gun control laws thru and not just a limit on guns you may own but total confiscation. Gun shops will be forcibly closed and any guns confiscated. The 4473s we fill out to buy a gun will be seized as now they know where the majority of the guns are. This means they come to your door and force you to give up any weapons and ammo you might have.

Overnight we become serfs, and slaves to a new dictatorship like none America has ever known. Most Americans will not give up their guns and the violence will begin. Like the other scenario above the BLM rioters, Antifa and gangbangers will try to take over towns while the politicians will sit back and let it happen, just like they did in Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon recently.

I know you think there will be an easy solution to all this  and we will be able to bypass all this hell on earth. Unfortunately that solution doesnít exist. In my gut feeling this country is in for some tough times. America will survive if only on the back of strong men and women who are armed and willing to shed the blood of those planning on destroying this great country of ours. If you think these things canít happen, just look at what the Democrats have planned for us if they win. They are pure evil and donít even try to hide what they plan to do to this country.  They want it burned to the ground, the conservatives dead under their feet so they can bring America back as a pure socialist nation.

Hopefully this is just a bad dream and the election will go off as planned, but look at what has happened so far. Plan ahead. For your familyís sake get prepared. A lot of guns are almost non existent right now but start looking and you will be able to find what you need to stay safe. Talk to an ex military man or women who has spent time in Iraq or Afghanistan. They can give you some good ideas.

In the meantime if you go shooting, take a lady or youngster with you. Get them started right. Their survival may depend upon it.

God bless,