Last month I just couldn’t get in the mood for the Gun Notes with all the negative crap out there. We had 2 bus loads of Antifa to come into Flagstaff for a protest. The cops had info that one of the gun shops would be hit so I spent 2 nights up in our gun shop in the dark with an AR-15 on my lap. Nothing happened but it sure gave me a lot of time to think about where this country is heading. Without going into negative stuff, suffice to say, if you aren’t armed at home, in your vehicle or at work, you should be. I am not predicting anything bad but during tornado season in the south people get ready, just in case. Consider this tornado season for this whole country.

At our gun shop we are selling every gun we can get. I had a fellow in recently, a doctor, who told me straight out that he hated guns, never wanted one in his house. A typical liberal. But here is where that “typical” ended. He came right out and said he needed a gun in the house. After the visit by Antifa and the other crap happening recently a lot of folks are re-thinking their stance on guns. I showed him several and how they work, where the safetys were and so on. He ended up buying a Taurus G2C, one of the finest concealed carry guns on the market.

About 3 or 4 days later that doctor came back in the shop with his wife and 3 teen age daughters. He had taken them out and introduced them to guns and it turned out that guns weren’t those horrible things that jump off the table and kill people after all.  He bought 4 more guns that day, 2 more G2Cs for his wife and one daughter and a couple of Ruger LCPs for the other 2 daughters. They were set up to have one of the older fellows that give shooting lessons work with the whole family. They were still liberals but one step closer to being conservatives, and that is good.

 If you are thinking of buying a gun for self defense for yourself or your wife or family, here are some recommendations. And unlike some gun writers I am not getting paid to talk you into any certain gun. The guns I am going to tell you about are guns I have shot considerably and they just plain work. They don’t have a whole lot of safetys or extra buttons and knobs to confuse even a regular gun person at 3 AM when you hear something go bump in the night. These are just good well made guns that won’t break the bank and are dependable. And the prices I quote are from memory only, give or take. Like the Tauris G2C. We sell for well under $300. In Phoenix they are over $500. So these prices depend upon where you are located.

First the Taurus G2C…excellent pistol, Lifetime warranty from Taurus.. holds 13 rounds of 9mm, small and compact and costs well under $300.

Ruger LCP..small compact pistol. .holds 7 rounds of 9mm…very well made little pistol. Around $300.

The Ruger LCP in 22 LR. Holds 10 rounds of 22 LR…again small and pocket size and great warranty from Ruger. Around $300.

The Sig 365…10 rounds of 9mm..Another small compact pistol and very dependable. Around $500.

The Taurus G3…a little bigger than the G2C..but again extremely dependable…15 rounds of 9mm. Right at $300.

 The Ruger Security 9…another great gun from Ruger and very popular. This one is larger more on the Glock 19 size but an excellent gun for concealed carry or home defense. Under $400.

 The Glocks speak for themselves. Something like 80% of the cops carry a Glock and our special forces carry the Glock 19. They tried other guns and asked for their Glocks back.

The new Glock model 48 is super slim, easy to conceal and typical Glock in that they work every time. It holds 10 rounds of 9mm. Around $500.

The Glock model 43…another fairly now model..holds 6 rounds of 9mm. perfect concealed carry pistol.$500.

The Glock model 43X…similar to the 43 but slightly bigger and holds 10 rounds of 9mm.$500.

The Ruger LCR…the only revolver in this group. This one chambered in 22 Magnum is a great concealed carry gun. Sis rounds of 22 Magnum in a double action revolver that is very lightweight. Plus the 22 Magnum has very little recoil yet does more tissue damage than a 38 special or 9mm. Great pocket gun. $500.

The company Canick is fairly new but is becoming one of the best selling series of pistols around. The new Elite is a perfect little pistol. It comes with 2 magazines. A 12 round 9mm for smaller size plus a 17 round 9mm magazine that gives the gun a slightly longer gripframe. Either way a great pistol and fully dependable. $300.

The Canik One. This one is a bit bigger, about the size of the Glock 17, maybe slightly bigger. Again 17 rounds of 9mm. The perfect pistol for the person with a bit larger hand.$400.

 The SCCY series of small pistols have been around for a few years but have really picked up in this last couple of months. Pronounced SKY, they are a small compact 9mm and holds 10 rounds of 9mm. If you are on a budget, check out the SCCY pistols, plus of interest to ladies, they come in several different colors and are priced around $200..

The Walther PPK is back and has it’s James Bond reputation to back it up. In the past they have been made in Germany, then Interarms had them made here in the states and had problems with them feeding anything but FMJ. They are now back and better than ever. Small, flat and dependable. After all James Bond can’t be wrong. $500.

Another is the new Mossberg MC2C is another compact 9mm pistol that is new but doing very well. It doesn’t sell quite as quick as most folks didn’t realize that Mossberg makes a handgun too. But it is very well made and shoots just as good as it looks. It holds 13 rounds of 9mm and has the typical Mossberg warranty. $300.

Another favorite but not a small compact pistol is the new Ruger 57. That is not called the Fifty Seven. It is called the Five Seven. It is a fairly large handgun with a magazine full of the 5.7 X 28 round. A lot of power in a small cartridge. To be honest this is probably not the best concealed carry gun around due to it’s size, but it is still a great pistol with a lot of power.

 There are several other small compact pistols that would be good for concealed carry or home defense but these are the only ones I can think of that I have personally shot and tried out.

 As far as home defense, there is really only one that I can think of that I really recommend and that is an AR-15. They are short, compact, have a 30 round magazine or even more. No recoil and easy for the family to handle and learn to be good with. A lot of folks swear by a 12 gauge shotgun but they are hard on recoil and small statured folks might hesitate due to being thumped by one in the past when they need to be pulling the trigger. Plus they carry usually at best, 9 rounds. The AR-15 has all the good features and none of the bad ones. They very very seldom jam and usually even then they jam due to reloads or cheap foreign made junk in steel cases. Get good ammo. Stay away from ammo in  steel cases. For one thing it is bad on the gun and two it is bad on the gun. Got that? Stay with the good stuff in brass cases and you will never have a worry. Put a good red dot sight on it and you are set. Right now the AR-15s are in short supply but search around and you will find one. You won’t be sorry you went for the AR.

 A couple of companies to give your business to. Several companies are working to help out those that need help with the Covid-19 mess.  Ruger has set aside part of their production plants to make face shields for the first responders and also filters for N95 respirators. Ruger has also set up a food pantry to help those effected by the shut downs.

Bond Arms has set up 3 of the 3D printers to make plastic masks for those that need them.  Sig has also bought 3D printers and is printing face masks to help out.  For the last month or so S&W has been producing 1000 face shields a day for the first responders and health care workers.  CMMG, the AR builders, has been helping out with meals for the health care workers. These are just a few of the many companies that are doing more than their share to help out. You might throw a little business their way.

 Sorry if I didn’t touch on a subject dear to your heart, but helping folks pick up a self defense pistol or rifle is paramount right now. I will try to do better next month.

Until then, go shooting and take a lady or youngster with you. They are our future.

God bless,