Looking at all the new products being offered to the gun buying public, it is obvious that Trump has given this country incentive again. Almost every firearms company had new models on display at the SHOT show last week. Some had multiple new guns. For instance Ruger has almost 30 new models to show and had a total of 49 new guns counting the variations of existing guns. It is almost like the gun companies have confidence in the buying public again, and for the first time in 8 years.

Also for the first time in 8 years the main topic of the SHOT show was not tactical gear. Now there were a lot of tactical guns and gear there but not the 65 to 70% as in years past. For the first time in a few years there were a lot of new shotguns on display, some completely different from years past. The Mossberg Shockwave seemed to set the pace a year ago with several companies coming up with their own versions of this little home defense beast. Remington and Mossberg each came up with a magazine fed shotgun that takes magazines holding up to 20 rounds. Colleen went to the mini SHOT show that is held a week before the big show. The big show is way too crowded to be able to look and feel any of the new guns or accessories. The folks at SHOT are going to have to do something soon as more and more actual dealers are either dropping out or at going to the much smaller mini shows the week before. The mini shows are more aimed at the actual dealers like the big show used to be before the people that put it on got greedy and let anyone in the door. But I digress (AKA bitch) a bit.

The Remington shotgun based on the great 870 is called the 870 DM, for detachable magazine. It is clunky looking and even more clunky feeling with the radical shaped stock and flared out forend. To each his own but to me it is a clunker. I am sure it is made very well but why clutter up a good thing with tactical looks. Remington also has a new short barreled shotgun, almost identical to the Mossberg Shockwave, which makes for a great home defense shotgun or truck gun, but again why take a small 14” barreled shotgun with pistol grip that is perfect to stash away in a small place for emergencies and clutter it up with a big elongated AK-47 looking 20 round magazine. Like the proverbial windshield wipers on a goat’s ass.

In my estimation the new Mossberg 590 box magazine shotgun keeps the traditional sleek look of a fine pump and the main changes were to conform it to take extended magazines, up to 20 rounds. Other than that, no clunky tactical look and features and it easily gets my vote.

The company Fabarm, from Italy, that has had some very well made O/U shotguns in the past have a new “tactical” shotguns that use magazine tube extensions instead of box magazines. They have been very popular in Europe with the military and police and are quickly catching on here.

One new item that the info on was released a week or so before the SHOT show was the new Glock 19X. This is a hybrid pistol that is a mix of the model 17 and model 19. It has the gripframe of the model 17 which is slightly longer and the slightly shorter slide of the model 19. The Glock 19 is the model the special forces, SEALS and such are carrying also. You can expect to see this one on every gun magazine’s cover in the next month or two.

Ruger, as I mentioned above has released a lot of new items for 2018, several are new guns and the rest are revisions of existing guns. I mentioned this on a previous Gun Notes, about the new Ruger Security 9. Now the Security 6 was a great little 357 Magnum back in the 70s along with it’s slick top brothers, the Speed 6 and the Service 6, chambered in 357 and in 38 special. For some unknown reason gun companies seem to like rehashing model names so the new Security 9 is not a revolver, it is their new semi auto. It is obviously chambered in 9mm with a 15 round magazine. It is a mid sized semi auto, about the same size as the Glock 19. This one is priced right and will become another great value and great seller for Ruger. Priced under $400 it will be the choice of a lot of new shooters.

Speaking of great sellers, the new Ruger EC9-s is another one you can expect to see a lot more of in the near future. The EC stands for everyday carry. It is based on the Ruger LCP design and typical of Ruger, the price is right with the suggested retail being less than $300. It has a 7 round magazine and with it’s sleek design will be perfect for everyday carry.

It seemed just about every rifle company out there had their own version of Ruger’s Precision Rifle. Some are almost carbon copies whereas others are going off in other directions. Prices range from $1500 to well over $4000 with the exception being the tiny little Cricket Precision Rifle. This little guy is sized for a 5 or 6 year old and comes with the features of the bigger guns. From what I have heard, at the gun shows this little rifle is selling like the proverbial hotcakes.

The full sized Precision Rifles are, obviously, aimed at the long range shooters, which seems to be the in thing these days, with calibers and guns all claiming to be the “best on the market” and a lot of the young shooters are drinking the Kool Aid. Recently I was over at our gun shop and a couple of young guys were in there looking at the long range rifles. One, who was obviously the “expert” of the bunch and might have had the intelligence to tie his own shoes, was telling his friends that his 6.5 Creedmore shot flat to 800 yards, no hold over required. Now I normally just let these “know everything” idiots spout off to their friends but I couldn’t let this one pass. I asked him where in hell did he hear that. He jumped right back with everyone knows it. Every gun writers has done tests on it and it shoots flat to 800 yards. I pulled the Hornady loading manual off the rack and showed him where that bullet had well over a 12 foot drop at that range according to where it was zeroed. He spouted off that the books were outdated and didn’t take in the flat shooting 6.5 Creedmore. I told him ballistics were ballistics, whether it is in a 20 year old book or a new one just released. He mumbled something and left with his buddies spouting off more of the merits of his great 6.5 Creedmore. Now the 6.5 Creedmore is a fine cartridge, but is not all that many of the gun writers are making it out to be. There are several cartridges that will beat it, easily, and shoot just as flat if not flatter. It is just a shame that it’s reputation is not a bit more realistic. Nuff said.

Smith & Wesson introduced their M&P10 Sport rifle at the show, a new 308 caliber AR that is sleek and handy without being overly bulky as some 308 ARs are. And reasonably priced at a bit over $1000 retail.

Inland Arms, the folks that made a lot of M-1 Carbines for the U.S. military eons ago and who are back in business introduced a little compact pistol version of the M-1 carbine. It has a 7 ˝” barrel and looks more like a small version of an AR than the old M-1 Carbine. That will be a good little truck gun. It is called the Inland M30-I.M.P. The only downside I see if the $1400 price.

Smith & Wesson is re-working their popular 686 with the 686 Plus. It has a satin stainless finish, unfluted cylinder, interchangeable blade front sight system, vent rib barrel with some other small special features. It has been a while since they have put out some special revolvers, so it is nice to see this one. Hopefully maybe a special N frame 41 or 44 might be coming too.

We have talked about the new Savage AR-15 (they would rather call it the MSR , Modern Sporting Rifle than an AR), but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, then it is probably an AR-15. Their new cartridge is the 224 Valkyrie which they are promoting as the best ever. They keep mentioning 1300 yards. I don’t know about you, but I doubt very seriously I will ever feel the need to shoot a 22 caliber out at 1300 yards. These days the various companies feel the need to promote their guns and cartridges as the best ever made and throwing our statistics like 1300 yards and such. Sometimes I think they feel their customers are idiots and need to impress them with super high speeds and unrealistic ranges. I guess whatever floats your boat.

Weatherby is saying adios to California which seems like a great idea. They are moving their plant to Wyoming, a much more gun friendly state. This is expected to create a lot more jobs and several more million in their payroll. They are moving the plant to Sheridan Wyoming and hope to have it done by the end of the year.

Another state getting more progressive is Arkansas. They now allow anyone to carry a handgun for self defense on any of the states Wildlife Management Areas. Previous to this only those having a concealed carry permit could do so.

Since Beretta bought out Uberti, the company has really come out with some unique and interesting firearms. They now have the limited edition Short Rifle Deluxe Winchester 1873. It will only be available this year and will be available in 45 Long Colt with a 20” octagonal barrel. With a full mag tube, it will hold 10 rounds and is finished in high grade wood, color cased frame and deluxe blue barrel. It also has the John Wayne wide loop. The frame is full engraved with game scenes and will be a real collector’s item. The price is expected to be around $1800.

Those of you that are 16 gauge freaks now have a new model chambered in that gauge. It is the new Franchi (pronounced Frankie) O/U. It is a top of the line O/U with special engraving and deluxe wood. Retail is expected to be around $1700.

There are a lot more things to tell you about. New rifles from Sako, new ones from Tikka, lots of new accessories, new handguns from Taurus, and I will get to them next time.

We are now about 7 weeks away from our next African hunt. There are 11 of us heading to Africa March 18 thru the 29th. We will be hunting in a new area of about 120,000 acres and is an area that has never been hunted. It is farther north than our normal area and being closer to the equator will be much warmer hunting. The game is in large numbers and said to be extremely wild, so this hunt should be a great one. Then again, any hunt in Africa is a great one. I will bore you with more details on this hunt next time. Until then, take a lady or youngster shooting. They are our future.

God bless,