It is amazing how gun companies go thru the spring and summer and never seem to come up with any new products, then when hunting season hits every one of them try to amaze and astound you with a basket full of new gear that you canít live without. One of those is the new Generation 5 Glock. I guess by now everyone has heard that Glock has come out with their new 5th generation Glock. And amazingly it is much like Gen. 1 in looks. A few new additions but if you laid a Gen. 1 Glock 17 next to a Gen. 5 Glock 17, you would have to look twice to see the differences. And I think it is amusing that all the young studs have been coming into the gun shop for the last year or so and had to have the new Gen. 4. Nothing else would do, the gen. 4 was the absolute best and they had to have it because their favorite gun writer in one of the tactical magazines told them so. Now the Gen. 5 is being released, actually already has, as we ordered one of the first ones to be released. Like the Gen. 1 Glock the new Gen 5 has no finger grooves. Somebody in charge of changes must have said finger grooves are no good. They cause the shooter to break out in hives and walk funny, like those guys in San Francisco. So no more finger grooves.

Next, they realized after the gun was used in combat matches for 25 years that a flared mag well would be the ticket to winning more matches and getting your share of groupies flocking to your penthouse. So letís heat up that mag well and cause it to look like the rectum of a small elephant. Much better.

Now the Glock has had a special coating on the slides of their pistols since day one, called Tennifer, that is said to be impervious to acids, ketchup, hits with a small caliber bullet fired by enraged midgets, and small lightening strikes. But that apparently wasnít good enough. So off they go to the jungles of Peru in search of the magical coating that was comprised of tree sap, sperm of an Iguana Lizard, Brylcreme (a little dab will do you), frozen Peeps, and a small bit of an aphrodisiac used by Australian aborigines. This very important concoction was one that would do the same as the original but looked and smelled nicer and had an impressive name, like Ndlc. Damn, thatís impressive looking. And it is not NDLC, it is the much more striking Ndlc. Yep, Iím impressed., Anyway, this new coating is supposed to be the best thing since sex in the back seat of a Studebaker. And for you youngsters, a Studebaker was a car that was popular with nerds and guys in the 50s and 60s that thought Rock Hudson was straight. So there you go, all the reasons in the world to rush out and buy that Gen. 5 Glock.

Letís see, what else is new and useful? Oh yes, Kahr Arms, who now own the original Chicago street sweeper, the Thompson machine gun, have come out with a new version chambered in 9mm. Wow. That would be so much better than a hot 45 ACP. Perfect for your next street fight, rooster neutering, or wino flogging. A 9mm semi auto Thompson almost seems un-American. And only $1365.

Starline, the folks that make some of the finest brass ever made has added match grade 223 to their line up. You guys that want the best will like this.

Oregon, in their simple minded ways had made gun confiscation legal and to have the idiots in charge in that state take all your guns away, all you have to do is stick your tongue out at someone or make a nasty face at them. They call the cops and say they think you are a killer in drag, and they come and take your guns away, to which you have no recourse, no trial, no charges, no legal judgement, no phone, no pool, no pets. Speaking of un-American.

Have you heard of the Canik model TP9SFX (easy name to remember, right?). Anyway, this gun has been winning a lot of combat matches and getting some really good revues. You might check one out if you get a chance. I have not fired one yet but it looks and feels good.

Years ago Savage Arms bought out Fox Shotguns, a fine line of very well made double barrel shotguns. Before Savage it was the Fox Sterlingworth shotgun, then after Fox it was the Model B, BS and BSE. The name faded away in the last 15 years or so but now Savage is bringing the name back and bringing some fine double barreled shotguns back under that name. They are calling the shotguns the ďAĒ Grade shotguns and if they are anything like the original Fox Sterlingworth shotguns they should do very well.

Over the past 10 to 15 years some of the gun companies have been recycling their model names. Ruger is using their Hawkeye name again, this time for a rifle, instead of the single shot handgun that was out in the early Ď60s. S&W has recycled several including the Chiefís Special, which was original the model 36, snubbie 38 Special, more recently it became the 45 semi auto. They also brought back the Military & Police, or M&P, which was originally the model 10 revolver in 38 special. Now it is everything from semi auto pistols to AR-15s. Colt brought back their Cobra, and to give them credit it is pretty much like the original snubbie revolver, maybe even a bit nicer. Now Colt has gone completely off the reservation with their new Trooper. The old Trooper was a fine 357 Magnum revolver and also a few 22 LR and 22 Magnum revolvers. Now itís new incarnation is their new model of AR-15. They call it the Trooper Patrol carbine.

Mossbergís new Shockwave is a short 14Ē 12 gauge pump ďfirearmĒ with pistol grip. Like a couple of other companies before them they build it on itís own new frame and it is not a cut down shotgun or modified shotgun. It is a whole new gun listed with the ATF as a ďfirearmĒ and has the minimum overall length of 26Ē, so they can make the barrel 14Ē instead of the normal 18Ē barrel. It has been legal in several states and starting in a day or two on September 1st, it will be legal in Texas. Should be a great home defense or truck gun.

A gun we have not had enough of is a 22 Magnum semi auto rifle. The CZ is an excellent rifle as are a couple of other brands but now Savage has come to our rescue with their A22 rifle in 22 Magnum. It is a semi auto and works with their own version of a rotary magazine. Just in time for fallís small game seasons.

Changing the subject a bit a good friend in Florida, Mike Sasso, told me recently he was in a meeting with some political big wigs (the liberal type) and they were discussing how to screw up the U.S. even more than they already have. One of the African American women was harping on changing anything that might possibly have something to do with the civil war. She proposed introducing a bill changing the name of the city of Jacksonville because it was named after Stonewall Jackson. During her raging diatribe against anything Southern and normal, a friend of herís leaned over and told her it was OK, that Jacksonville was named after Michael Jackson. She immediately calmed down and said it was OK then, the name could stay. Mike said he was there and it was a true story.

We have a couple of new series of guns we are working on that I hope to premiere at the HHC in about 5 weeks. One is our new custom AR-15 in 450 Bushmaster. It should be a great hog gun. I have shot it and it shoots great and recoil is minimal. I hope to have a couple of them at the hunt for all to play with.

Another new series is our African Classic. This one is based on the Ruger model 77, recently discontinued. It will be chambered in 2 of Africaís Professiona Hunterís favorites. One being the 275 Rigby, which is reality is simply the 7mm Mauser. The British refused to name a gun after those nasty Nazis and the name Mauser doesnít get much more German. Well, maybe Schweinhunt, Scheiskopf or some other name like that that I canít spell. Anyway, a famous Professional Hunter in Africa, Karamojo Bell killed over 1000 elephant with the 275 Rigby and it is famous in Africa. Another caliber we are working on is the 9.3 X 62 which is the only caliber under 375 legal for dangerous game in much of Africa. Again that one is planned for the Ruger 77 but will probably also end up being chambered in the Ruger #1 rifle as well.

Speaking of our Handgun Hunterís Challenge (HHC), it is about 5 weeks away and we currently have 35 hunters signed up and room for about 15 more. The October HHC is a very popular hunt and you are welcome to join us. If you decide to do so, grab a buddy, wife or youngster and come along. It is October 5th thru 8th in Monterey Tennessee. We arrive on Thursday the 5th and leave out on Sunday the 8th. It is a great hunt and a great time spent with old and new friends. With almost 15,000 acres the hunt can be as hard or as easy as you like, with stalking or sitting in a blind. There will be 25 to 30 species of animals available to hunt from wild boar to Bison, herds of Elk, Red Stag, exotic deer and sheep and a lot more. If you decide to join us, call Sandy at 931-979-4050 and sign up.

Our Africa hunt scheduled for next march is full, with 12 hunters signed up. It is a very special hunt on 120,000 acres and is an area never hunted before. It should be a great hunt.

Thatís about it for this time. Next month this time we will be packing our gear, getting ready to head out to the HHC. I hope you can join us. Until then go hunting or do some shooting. And take a youngster or lady with you. They are our future.

God bless,