Christmas 2015 is now in the past and we are hours away from seeing 2015 itself slide into history. 2015 has been a hectic year with the Obama administration doing it’s best to ban everything we believe in and care for. Christians are being persecuted all over the world, even here in the U.S. Our leaders are kissing the asses of every Muslim that complains about something, so afraid they will hurt their feelings. Our school teachers are teaching Islam to our kids. Gun control is on the lips of every liberal in office and Obama threatens to use presidential decree to get what congress won’t give him, which is more gun control. As Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a’changing”. Our presidential race has turned into a clown fest. This next year will make or break us. If we don’t hold strong in the elections, our freedoms as we know them will be gone. We have lost a large percentage of our freedoms in the last few years and I don’t blame the Democrats. I blame the Republicans. The lazy Republicans that are too lazy to get off their collective asses and vote. I personally know 5 or 6 friends that did not vote in the last few elections. And they give asinine reasons. In the presidential election they didn’t vote for the republican because he was a Mormon. How stupid can you get? Then the same people didn’t vote because they didn’t like McCain. In both cases we ended up with much much worse than either of those candidates. And the list goes on, with the stupidest reasons for not voting. In 2016 anyone that doesn’t vote deserves the outcome. The bad part is the rest of us that did vote don’t deserve that outcome. Now is the time to start making sure all your friends and relatives are registered to vote. Now, not next October. If we don’t work hard to get a conservative in office, you can kiss your freedoms goodbye.

Now that I have bored you to sleep on my soap box, let’s get down to guns and stuff. Lots of new products are promised for 2016. Hopefully some of them will come to pass. Many years ago Kase and I both tried hunting with the Coonan 357 magnum pistol. It is a great, super slick pistol but the 357 caliber never did much for us in the way of a hunting caliber. I always hoped they would go ahead and put it out in 41 Magnum. Supposedly a handful were made but I never actually saw one or heard from someone that I believe that had one. Now they are announcing a new caliber. I kept my fingers crossed but it wasn’t quite what I hoped for. The new Coonan is coming in 45 ACP and I am sure will be a great handgun as all Coonan’s are. But 45 ACP is just another 45 ACP. A great gun but nothing for the handgun hunter.

Speaking of 45 ACP, the Llama Max and Micro Max are coming back and being imported by Eagle Arms. Both are in 45 ACP. The Micro Max is sort of an Officer’s model while the Max is the standard Government model. The Llamas are well made guns and have always been dependable 45s for the person that wants a good 45 but can’t afford $800 for some of the other 45s on the market.

Armscor, who makes some of the finest 1911s in their Rock Island series, in my humble opinion, is introducing a new youth rifle called the M14Y. It is a bolt action 22 LR that comes with a 10 round magazine, and a larger 15 round mag is also available. Rock Island also has a new 1911 in 22 Magnum slated for release this coming year. It has a 14 round magazine and has the normal 1911 looks and feel. That one is sure to be a welcome pistol for small game hunters. Rock Island is also building a new 22 conversion kit for the Glock 19.

Some new powders are coming out in 2016. Hodgdon has their new IMR 4955 powder that is designed for the standard size cartridges, like 30-06, 270, 25-06 and up to 300 Win Mag. Alliant powder has their new Reloader 16 coming out. It is similar to 4350 in the burning rate and is designed also for the 30-06 range of calibers. It contains a de-copperizing additive. Alliant also has a new pellet for black powder rifles. It is their Blue MZ. It comes in 50 grain pellets and is designed to produce high velocities even in extreme weather. it also cleans up with water based solvents.

As just about any gun person knows, Stag Arms was shut down in the last couple of weeks by the ATF on charges of bad record keeping and having some full auto receivers in stock with no serial numbers. Stag Arms has had similar problems in the past with missing guns, missing lower receivers and non-registered machine guns. Apparently they had been warned several times to get their act together but failed to do so. The owner of Stag Arms has plead guilty to several charges and he will be forced to step down from the head man at Stag Arms and never work in the firearms industry again. Other charges may also be levied on him in the next few weeks. Stag Arms will have to be sold to new owners before they can open the doors again. This is a shame as Stag has been the major company offering left hand AR-15s for years.

Inland Manufacturing has introduced a gun they hype as something brand new on the market, an M-1 Carbine pistol. It is called the Advisor. It has a 12 inch barrel, adjustable sights and wood stock. It comes with a 15 round magazine but a 30 round is also available. Obviously their ad men are non gun people who don’t know about or forgot about the Universal Enforcer, an M-1 carbine pistol that was made in the ‘60s and ‘70s. I also think the price of well over $1200 will slow down sales of this little pistol.

We will be testing some 8½” 12 gauge pump firearms in the next few weeks that are fully legal without the short barreled shotgun paperwork. These have been OK’d by the ATF as standard firearms. We expect the first shipment this coming week and I will give a full report on them in the next issue.

Ithaca Gun Company is back in the firearms business. Those of us older than navel lint will remember Ithaca shotguns that were some of the most popular shotguns in the 60s and 70s. They have their new 1911s out and are bringing out 2 new rifles. They are called simply the Ithaca Hunting Rifle and will be available in 308 or 300 Win Mag. They will be available in 20 and 24 inch barrels and in dark walnut or maple stocks.

And speaking of older gun companies and older series of guns, Browning is bringing back the Sweet 16, again. They have brought it back a couple of times now and it hasn’t done well and was dropped each time, but they are trying again. This time it is again on the A5 platform in a smaller, lighter weight package, much like the original. It comes in 26 or 28” barrel lengths. I have always felt the 16 gauge has flopped in modern times mainly because it doesn’t have the word Magnum behind the gauge. The younger crowd that Browning is aiming toward is magnum crazy and the 16 gauge only comes in the 2¾” size, no magnums. Browning also has their Black Label 1911 style 22 LR pistols out that are threaded for suppressors. We have had a couple brought into the shop with problems and to be honest I am surprised Browning puts their name on this little gun. I hope the guns I saw did not represent the rest of their guns as they were sloppy, loose and you could see thru the action between the slide and action. They have the same gun coming out in 380 and I hope it is a better example of Browning quality.

You Desert Eagle freaks will be happy to know that your favorite pistol is going lightweight in 2016. In the past the gun has hit the 5 lb spot on the scale. Now Magnum research is introducing a couple of lightweight models that are almost 2 lbs lighter. Their new 357 magnum has a 5” barrel and comes with the integral muzzle brake and weighs 2 lbs 9 ozs. Their new 50 AE is 3 lbs 7 ozs. and comes with the integral muzzle brake. The down side, to me at least, is the almost $1800 price tag for the 357 and well over $2000 for the 50 AE.

For those that like the AK-47 firearms, Century International Arms, CIA, has a new short barreled rifle just out. It is 29” long total overall including a 10” barrel and folding stock. Another company, Kalashnikov USA is introducing several new true AK-47s this coming year. All are 7.62X39 and all have 16” barrels. They are all much improved over the original com-bloc guns with CNC machined parts with a bolt hold open feature. The wood actually looks like that that you would find on a decent hunting rifle.

Traditions Firearms, long known for affordable black powder rifles, has introduced a couple of new handguns. One is the copy of the Colt SAA in 357 Magnum with 3.5” and 5.5” barrels and color cased receivers. The other new handguns are black powder revolvers. They are an 1858 Army with an 8” barrel, an 1851 Navy with a 7” barrel, an 1851 Navy in nickel with a 7” barrel, and an 1860 Army with an 8” barrel. All 4 of these are chambered in 44 caliber which is a first for them.

American Tactical Imports, (ATI) has several new guns slated for release this coming year. One is a new over/under shotgun called the Cavalry Turkey Fowl shotgun. An unusual name that I am not sure the reason for, but the gun looks good with a light colored stock and vent rib barrels. They also have a new 9mm pistol coming out and a new 9mm AR-15. The 9mm AR comes in a pistol version and a carbine version. It has a billet lower, forged upper and 17 round magazine.

Not to be outdone, Winchester has announced some special rifles for 2016. The down side is these are quite expensive and aimed at the person with a fat wallet. Americans are looking for a nice lever action in 30-30, and for some reason Winchester doesn’t realize this. They keep introducing commemoratives at high prices. The newest is an exact copy of the original 1866 Yellow Boy in 44-40. It comes with a brass receiver just like the original along with engraving on the receiver and high grade wood. The Winchester rep said they would have some model 94s out too, but no info on those. Winchester is also re-introducing the 1873 rifle and the model 101 shotgun. They are all commemorating Winchester’s 150th anniversary.

Ruger, as usual, is coming out with several neat guns for 2016. The main one will be welcome for those in Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. It is a new AR-15 called the AR-556. Similar to their standard AR-556, it has a non threaded barrel (Lord knows those threaded barrels are dangerous), a fixed stock, and a 10 round fixed magazine. I will sure sleep better knowing that stock is fixed and it only holds 10 rounds in the mag. But it will be welcome news for those in the commie run states mentioned above.

Ruger has also recently introduced their ARX line of ammo in 380, 9mm, 40, and 45. The bullets are special injection molded copper/polymer.

Last time I mentioned several new products coming from Hornady. Including their new Iron Press, which is promoted as the heaviest. most rigid press in it’s class. They also have their new ELD ammo, the Extremely Low Drag bullets out in hunting and match grade. They also have a new handgun safe called the Rapid Safe with touch free entry and guaranteed child resistant. In a bit over a week Colleen is scheduled to spend some time with the Hornady folks and will have more info then.

A new company called Jagemann Sporting is making magazines for the Glocks that are said to be fool proof (they don’t know some of the fools I know) and self lubricating. They are also making their own brass, starting out with 44 Magnum.

I have about 10 pages of notes to tell you about but that will have to wait until next time. In the meantime, our next HHC is scheduled for March 3 thru 6 in Monterey Tennessee. We have again booked the entire lodge and have room for 45 to 50 hunters. This is our 83rd handgun hunt since 1987 and consider this your personal invitation to join us. It is always a good time with like minded handgun hunters in a relaxing atmosphere. The last hunt in October ended up with 46 hunters from all over the country. A great time was had by all. If you are interested, feel free to call me at 928-526-3313 at the shop for more info. It is always a great hunt on 15,000 acres of Tennessee wilderness. A great hunt, good food and great company and prices about half of what the other preserves charge. It is hard to beat. Join us on the next HHC (Handgun Hunter’s Challenge).

Until next time, introduce a youngster or lady to shooting. They are our future.
God bless,

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