As I type this I have about 400 things on my mind so if I screw up on a detail or two, look over it. In less than 24 hours, good Lord willing, we will be on the road heading to the HHC in Tennessee. I am almost ready. All I lack it typing this, doing all the paperwork for the next week in the store, gathering up the guns for the HHC, gathering up the guns that I will be using, packing my duffle, and a myriad of small things that I should have done a week ago.
This hunt should be a great hunt, not necessarily due to the animals that are available, but for the fact that we have almost 50 people signed up, 48 if I remember right. This is always a great time as I get to see old friends that I havenít seen for a while. As one gets older, old friends mean a lot more than maybe in my earlier years. When we are younger we are pretty much invincible and figure we will live to be 110. As we get older we begin to realize that that ainít gonna happen. Then as good friends drop by the wayside we really realize that there is an end to this tunnel and it is closer than we think. So getting to spend some time with old friends means a lot to me these days.
We also have almost 20 new people on this hunt that I havenít met yet and that is always enjoyable to put faces to names. Several couples on this hunt too and that is always neat. Hunting wives are a real blessing. I know of quite a few guys that discussing hunting in their home is a no no, and they even have to store their guns out in a garage or outside room. Those of you that have wives that hunt or just put up with your fetish for hunting and guns, you are blessed, so donít forget it. If you get a chance to get your wife or girlfriend into shooting or hunting or both, by all means do so. You will have a hunting buddy for life.
This hunt is unusual in a couple of other ways also. There are some really unusual critters available to hunt. One of them is an Ostrich, actually several of them and at a great price. What a great Thanksgiving dinner that would be, although I am not sure of your stove will handle a 250 pound bird, and your dining room table might not like it either. You might have to borrow a gurney from a hospital to roll the bird out on. Several other unusual critters are available like Muntjac. This is the little fanged deer. Usually around 20 lbs, they have 3Ē fangs, one on each side of their mouth. They also have sharp bristles on their horns that dare you to touch them. They are very elusive and extremely hard to hunt, especially with a handgun. Like a jack rabbit on steroids. There are also a bunch of Scottish Highlander bulls. These are sort of like a Yak in that they have long shaggy hair all over. Their horns go straight out and then turn slightly up, sort of like a Watusi. These make great trophies and are really good eating. There are several Scimitar Horned Oryx there. The Oryx, whether it be the Scimitar version or the Gemsbok, are both in the antelope family and great eating plus make a great trophy.  Alan always has a great herd of Elk, and both cows and bulls are fair game and the prices are about half of what the other preserves charge. The cows make great eating while the bulls are more for the trophy. Of course there are all the others normally found there like the exotic deer, Sika, Fallow and Axis, the exotic sheep, Mouflon, Corsican, Merino and Black Hawaiian. he has some really nice Aoudad for those that like a hard hunt, and I mean hard. Aoudad feed at 30 MPH. If you ever decide to hunt one, wear your running shoes. Alan also has big Watusi bulls, Australian Water buffalo, Beefalo, Long Horned bulls, Yak, Bison, both bull and cows, Red Stag and much more. And of course he had literally hundreds of hogs, from the black Russian to feral hogs, which are a mixed breed of Russian and farm piggies. The Russian are the best for a trophy while the feral are the better eating.  All in all it is always a great hunt and this one should be no different. I hope to see you there.
OK, letís see, what is new. The Sellier & Bellot plant had a big explosion yesterday. It is a huge plant that makes a lot of ammo and reloading supplies. Supposedly the fire and explosion started in the plant where they make the primers. A couple of people died and several were injured.
The company, Lasermax, who make a great little laser for small revolvers now has a bright light that fits under the barrel and just in front of the trigger guard in the same fixture their laser fits in. Lasers are good for law enforcement but not too sure about home use. if someone is in your bedroom in the middle of the night and you flip on the laser, it doesnít light up the person. You have no idea if it is one of your children, your wife or someone planning on doing you harm. But now, whoever it is knows exactly where you are by the red light on your gun. A flashlight makes a lot more sense to me, especially if it is strong enough to disorient the person. Lasermax is making these little lights for the small J frame S&Ws right now with more models to come.
Several years ago in the heyday of the cowboy action shooting there was a copy of the old Winchester Model 97 shotgun being made. I am not sure what happened to it but it was dropped. Now it is back and whether it ends up being used in the cowboy games or as a home defense gun it will be a welcome sight. The old Model 97s are classics. These are being brought into the states by Interstate Arms Corp.
SKB, the gun case folks, not the shotgun manufacturers, have an new and unusual case out. It is a 2 gun case, except it is not meant for 2 guns. It is set up for a compound bow on the top layer and a scoped rifle on the lower layer. It is the I series and is a bit wider to hold the longer limbs of a compound bow. This should be a popular one for them.
Those that like the M-1 Garand will like itís little brother. It is a scaled down rifle in 22 LR. It is American made with Mil-Spec National Match sights, all steel receiver, walnut stocks and a match grade trigger. It is being made by Kingston Armory.
A company called IVUE is now making dark glasses with a built in camera. It takes pictures or videos and features a 135 degree wide angle lens, a noise reduction microphone and time lapse recording. The glasses are the IVUE Horizon 1080P Camera/Glasses. I could get in a lot of trouble with those.
The Galil has been gone for almost 25 years but is back, from Israeli Weapon Industries. This fine rifle is known as the free worldís AK-47, although is much improved over the standard AK. This model is called the Galil ACE and comes in rifle, pistol or pistol with that arm brace that the Feds donít like. The Galil has long been known as one of the finest military rifles in the world and it is good to see them back. They are available in 7.62X39, 308 and 223.   Speaking of the AK-47, the new American made AK is now here from Kalashnikov USA. It is a modernized AK-47 and all American made.
Ithaca is now producing a Commander version of their popular 1911 Government model. Ithaca has been around for a hundred years or so and it is good to see them back in business.
While on the subject of 1911s, our new Enforcer Longslide in 45 ACP and Ultimate 10 Longslide, obviously in 10mm, are getting a lot of attention. These guns are being made completely in our shop using Caspian frames and STI slides. We are building several of the parts including our own comp in our shop. The barrels on each gun are 6Ē and with our comp, the slide is a bit over 8Ē. The guns are extremely accurate and with the comp are very soft shooting and smooth. I shot one of the new Ultimate 10s today and at 25 yards it put 7 rounds in a group that could have been covered by a fat quarter. The Enforcer and the Ultimate 10 are both priced at $1995 as an introductory price. The price will have to go up a bit as we go along. We have the 45 ACP and 10mm and plan a 38 Super in the Enforcer line soon. The Enforcer can be seen on our site in the custom 1911 section.  The Ultimate 10 will be on there real soon. We have 3 of these longslides that we are taking to the HHC, and more being built while I am gone. We are also bringing back our Rekon Kommander which is a super custom commander size 1911..  It is priced at $1795.
Another of our new 1911s is our American Justice. This one comes in 10mm or 45 ACP. A two toned beauty that is custom from the ground up. Every part of it is custom. It is priced at $1795 and can be seen on our 1911 page also.
Our new Flattop Tool is doing well. This little tool gives your standard 22 LR the punch of a 22 Magnum. It comes in a 4 round tool that holds 2 rounds of 22 short and 2 of 22 LR. Another model holds 3 rounds of 22 LR. You simply put the 22 rounds into the tool, slice off about .040 (40 thou) of the round nose that sticks out the to[p of the tool with a box cutter or knife and thatís it. That little change gives the 22 LR the punch of a 22 Magnum and the ammo works great thru semi autos. The 4 round tool is $100 plus shipping while the 3 round tool is $65 plus shipping.
On the subject of a firearm tool, many years ago, mid 70s or so, Lee Jurras came up with a special tool for handgun hunters. I spent a couple of days with Lee recently and we are coming out with a new version of this very special tool. it will be a very limited edition tool. It is the Jurras/Reeder Handgun Tool. More on this in the next issue.
That is it for this edition of Gun Notes. As I said above, I hope to see some of you at the HHC in a couple of days. In the meantime, take a youngster or lady shooting. They are our future.
God bless,

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