What a crazy world we live in. And it seems to get crazier every day. Our politicians continue to lie to us to get more and more of us vaccinated and dependent upon the liberals. It is amazing how they can bald face lie to us and expect us to thank them for being lying crooks. I think it is funny that several Democrats are leaning strongly toward the moderate side of things and the hard core liberals are screaming and doing everything they can to discredit Senema and Manchin. Even liberal Bill Maher says the left wing liberals have their heads up their asses. And the beat goes on.

The SHOT Show and the Safari Club yearly get together were both much less than normal in attendance. Many big companies like Beretta dropped out of both at the last minute. My good friend John Abraham of Madubula Safaris had a booth at the SCI show and he was sorely disappointed. He texted me and in his words…”I hate this crap. I will be glad to get out of this shit hole”. And to make it even better the windows of his new truck were smashed in and everything inside stolen. He didn’t have a good week.

There are some news in the sporting field, some of which we probably won’t see for a year or two but as least some of the gun companies are trying to entice the new gun owners.

Some of the new items in brief (I say in brief as I haven’t actually handled or shot these so I am just letting you know about them.) Later after I have a chance to play with them I will give them my humble opinion, for what that’s worth.

The Taurus Defender is an excellent little 6 shot 357 magnum revolver. And with Taurus’ lifetime warranty makes it even better.

Franklin Armory has bought out Bushmaster which I am glad about. The Bushmaster guns have been around for many years. Back in the mid to late 60s Colt and Bushmaster were the only 2 AR-15 type guns available to the public. The first release under new owners is an AR pistol called the Bravo Zulu. Hopefully they will get back up to their old status in the gun world.

It is funny how the old things come back around and all of a sudden folks get all excited about it. We have had illuminated reticles for many years, since man learned out to spell illuminated. Now Burris is all excited about their new XTR scopes that have (you guessed it) an illuminated reticle. Nothing is new these days.

Nosler is now into their own suppressors. Knowing Nosler they will be high quality.

Taylor Firearms, the folks that import a lot of the finer Italian black powder revolvers have a new Gunfighter Defender Special with a low rise hammer, sorta like the Bisley hammer. It also has the very popular 1860 gripframe.

Walther now has their PDP in 3 colors in hopes of swinging some of the new gun owners their way.

Patriot Ordnance Factory, POF, have a new 9mm handgun out that uses AR parts.

For years Howa has been at the top of the list of fine rifles. They made the high dollar S&W model 1500 rifles years ago and the same guns for Mossberg. They also have made some of the extremely fine rifles for Weatherby. They have a new series of rifles out called the Howa Superlite. Living up to it’s name it weighs only 4 ½ lbs. If they are like all the other Howa guns they will be well worth checking out.

Here is something unusual. Remington has announced that they have partnered with Pilot Automotive to have them build a lot of their hunting and outdoor products. I don’t expect you will see Pilot Automotive on a new Remington shotgun but everything else is fair game.

There are 3 different Browning Hi Powers on the market these days. They are Springfield Armory, EAA Girsan, and FN. FN is the only one that can call the gun the High Power. The others have to call them the P-35 (after the year John Browning developed it). We have had a few of the Girsan guns in and they are fine pistols. Anything that Girsan builds is very well made. The FN Hi Power has changed all the internals of the gun and have a new high capacity magazine. FN was the original builder of the Browning Hi Power and this new model is sure to be a good one. Of the 3 the Girsan and FN are sure to be top of the line pistols.

Kel Tec who make some of the ugliest guns on the market have a new pistol called the P-15. Aside from being ugly the Kel Tecs are probably some of the absolutely most dependable pistols out there. Especially their PM30 in 22 Magnum.

American Tactical Inc (ATI) has introduced a new AR-15 type rifle called the Alpha -15 AR. If it is anything like the other guns put out by ATI it should be a good one. It has several special features and with a 16” barrel only weighs 5 ½ Lbs. The AR rifles are sorta slow right now but as soon as Joe Biden opens his mouth and says something stupid (again) or he screws up and pisses off the Russians about the Ukraine, the demand for the AR-15s will bounce back.

Remington announced that they are bringing back the paper shotshells??? Next maybe the Studebaker will come back. Remington says the paper hulls have less recoil than plastic hulls. I guess.

I guess not to let Remington beat them in anything Federal also has introduced paper hulls and wads. They are also bringing out a special 44 Special round they call the Federal Punch 44 Special. I think Kelye Schlepp, the head honcho of Belt Mountain Base Pins was the first to introduce what he called the Punch Bullet. . I guess anything and everything is up for grabs these days.

Bianchi has a new holster out that sorta lookes like a Roadhouse blonde, rode hard and put up wet. It has a “weathered finish” and looks like a holster that has been worn for years.

The Taurus G2C and G3C along with their new GX4 have been some of the finest and best selling 9mm semi auto pistols for a good while and now XS Sights has their big dot sight and night sights for these pistols, making a good thing even better.

Davidsons has a new pistol in their line up of fine guns. It is the UTAS UT-9 Mini. To me it looks like the old Tec Nine pistol of the mid to late 80s but being made by UTAS it is bound to be a good one. It has a 6”barrel and fires from the closed bolt blowback action. Total length is 14” and it comes with a 33 round mag.

There are several new “firearms” coming out in rifle or shotgun mode that are super short like a pistol but being manufactured as a “Firearm” they are not regulated under the short barreled shotgun or short barreled rifle regulations. More on these as I get a chance to play with them.

For you 16 gauge freaks there is a new shotgun you might want to check out. It is the Tristar Bristol. It is a double barrel side/side shotgun in 16 gauge. It comes in a field model and a deluxe model. It is a lightweight shotgun and perfect for the upland game hunting. It weighs 6 ½ lbs.

I have about 5 more pages of new goodies to tell you about but they will have to wait until next month. Until then if you get a chance to do some late season hunting, take a lady or youngster with you. They are our future.

God bless,