megabeastblue1.jpg (79962 bytes) For over 5 years now I have wanted to build a LARGE caliber hunting rifle. The 577 Nitro or the 600 Nitro have enticed me for years. We tried to put out a single shot 600 Nitro but had problems finding manufacturers to do the small parts and stocks. So we dropped the idea, until recently. For quite a few years now we have been building LARGE caliber hunting rifles. After being in Africa on several safaris and looking at the various big game back up rifles owned by the PHs over there we decided to build the guns in the same calibers but most of them in the Ruger #1..

About 10 years ago we introduced our new Mega Beast in 470 Nitro, 500 Nitro and 500 Jeffrey, and it is still very popular. In the last few years we have added the 476 GNR to the line up and a great dangerous game cartridge it is. Kase and I have used the 470 Nitro on several African safaris and what a great caliber it is in the Ruger #1.
The new MEGA BEAST is built on your Ruger #1 base gun and the base gun can be in any caliber as all that changes. We add a new heavy duty 20 inch barrel and our own patented muzzle brake, add front and rear African express sights and engrave the sideplate with scenes of dangerous game. This version has a lot of engraving of dangerous game animals and scroll work. We add gold or silver bands to the barrel and the gun is then high polished and has our deluxe Black Chromex finish done to it. We finish the stock in an ebony finish and add a decelerator butt pad to it for more comfortable shooting. The field grade rifle is pretty much the same but more of a working gun without the engraving and gold bands.
In the past the 470 Nitro, 500 Nitro and 500 Jeffrey ammo has been a bit hard to find, but no more. Now Hornady has the ammo and excellent ammo it is too. The 476 GNR is also available from a custom reloader or we have the dies and you can easily load it yourself. Whether you go for the 470, the 500 Nitro, 476 GNR or the 500 Jeffrey, you will have one of the finest dangerous game rifles made



Field grade..$1995 on your Ruger #1
Deluxe grade..$2495 on your Ruger #1