The Classic Hunter

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This is our very popular Classic Hunter chambered in 416 GNR, 440 GNR,450 GNR, 475 GNR, 476 GNR, 45-70 or 50 Alaskan. This new lever gun is a real thumper with all the power of the 458 Winchester Magnum but in a compact package.
It is built on your 1895 Marlin base gun and features a special heavy barrel, full length mag tube, special sights, widened loop for use with gloved hands, Decelerator pad, engraving and special Black Chromex finish.

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This is one that will easily take on anything on this planet. clhunter5.JPG (28483 bytes)

Available in 450 GNR, 416 GNR or 50 Alaskan

  Classic Hunter
$1695 on your base gun.