Big Horn Hunter

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For years we have had people asking us to build a full custom rifle in 41 GNR, 410 GNR or 429 GNR. That rifle is now here, our Big Horn Hunter. This beauty is chambered in either of these 3 calibers and is a full custom rifle from the ground up. It is built on your base gun which can be an 1894 Marlin in either 44 mag or 45 long colt. The gun can be a used gun but must be one of the new models with the side safety. Our new Big Horn Hunter goes thru a lot of modifications including a beefier barrel in the length of your choosing, XS Ghost Ring sights, larger loop for easier handling with gloves on, a decelerator pad, full action job, fully sighted in with a Positive Performance Package which means total reliability.

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The gun is then engraved with various Big Horn sheep, gold bands are added and then finished in our Black Chromex finish (other animal engraving scenes are available at no extra charge) . It would be hard to find a nicer looking or shooting lever gun anywhere. And it can be yours. Plus remember you don't have to reload anymore to shoot the 429 GNR, 41 GNR or the 410 GNR.

If you do reload, brass, bullets, load data and dies are available. As usual, one third down and we begin work on your Big Horn Hunter.

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The Big Horn Hunter
$1895 on your gun