Bad Medicine 400GNR

Recently we added a new caliber and new rifle to our BAD MEDICINE series. This one is chambered in our new 400 GNR. The new 400 GNR is based on a blown out 30-30 case, blown out straight to .400 caliber. It works perfectly in the Marlin 30-30, giving you a lot more power but not a lot more recoil. We are chambering it in our Bad Medicine series of custom rifles.


Here is the prototype rifle in 400 GNR. Any Marlin 336 or Model 30 in 30-30 can be converted to our new 400 GNR. This gives you the power of the 444 without the recoil. You get a new barrel, new sights, the BAD MEDICINE engraving, the Black Chromex finish, a Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad, full action job and a lot more.




The new 400 GNR is a very powerful round and uses standard 30-30 brass and standard .400 bullets normally used in the 40 S&W and the 10mm. We carry the dies, made by Hornady Custom.



 $1895 on your Marlin 30-30.