African Classic

GARY REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is proud to announce a full re-design and re-release of the AFRICAN CLASSIC rifle. This beauty is built on your Marlin 1895 and can be in either 440 GNR, 45-70, 475 GNR, 476 GNR or 50 Alaskan. In the new conversion we give you a new barrel in the length of your choice, some new internals, a full action job and reliability package, plus you get the fine XS sights, a Decellerator butt pad, the engraving of your choice, and full refinishing of the gun. We also round out the lever a bit for easier use while wearing gloves.
Each gun is shot as much as 30 times to encure perfect reliability with all kinds of ammunition. The AFRICAN CLASSIC can be done in either our Black Chromex finish or stainless, according to which finish your base gun happens to be. It can also be done in a two toned finish with a blued frame and stainless barrel or vice versa.

The AFRICAN CLASSIC comes with a 16 1/2" barrel or in the length of your choice, and comes with our own patented muzzle brake. Whether you are hunting in Africa or the Florida swamps, it would be hard to beat our new AFRICAN CLASSIC.  




 African Classic

$1595 on your base gun ( Marlin 1895 ).

As always, one third down and we begin work on your new African Classic.

8 - 10 month delivery in most cases.