This beauty is built on a Ruger Single Six in 22 LR. The gun is converted to centerfire, and one or 2 cylinders are made for it according to the calibers you prefer. The Trail Gun can be available in 218 Bee, 218 Mashburn Bee, 250 GNR, 251 Falcon, 25-20, 32 H&R, 327 Federal, 32-20, 38 Super, 9mm, 10MM and 40 S&W. Dual cylinder guns are also available. A new barrel is made in the length you want, up to 8" and fit to it and the interchangeable blade front sight is added. An all steel Gunfighter Grip is fit to the gun and a set of the grips of your choice of laminated wood in different colors, Corian in different colors or a nice walnut are made and fit to the gripframe. Mongolian Stag is also available at a slight premium. The gun has the Positive Performance Package done to it, including the Maxi Throat, Deep Dish Crown and action job.



The gun is high polished and some light engraving done to it.It then has the deluxe Black Chromex finish done to it and finally the test firing. On stainless guns you have your choice of high polish or satin Vapor Honed finish. The end result? A lightweight gun for the hiking or hunting trail that is accurate and powerful for small to medium size game. Our new Trail Gun is built on your Ruger rimfire or centerfire Single Six






$2095 with two cylinders

$1795 with one cylinder.

on your Single Six