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 REEDER CUSTOM GUNS is happy to announce the continuation of one of the most popular and unusual self defense guns in our long line of full custom 1911s. This beauty is the 1*, or ONE ASTERISK. The 1* is a play on words and one should remember that when you buy a defense gun, always buy the best because you only have ONE ASS TO RISK. This custom 1911 saw the first light of day at the 1995 Safari Club International convention. We had a booth there and the gun was very popular at that show. The new 1* comes in either blue or stainless and features a full meltdown, Novak sights, our own style of round butt that we introduced as our Gunfighter Grip back in '95. Our Gunfighter Grip on the 1* is very similar to Ed Browns Bobtail only a bit more rounded. The One Asterisk is built on your 1911 base gun and features a perfectly fitted beavertail along with a lexan left grip panel that lets you see how many rounds you have in the magazine at a glance. A full custom hammer, custom trigger, extended safety, our own loaded chamber indicator, 1 magazine fit to the gun, complete action and timing job, and a soft Vapor Honed finish in either stainless or our Black Chromex finish round out this beauty. For a slight premium we can add an accessory/light rail to the gun. For the person wanting the most dependable 1911 on the market, it's our ONE ASTERISK. And as always one third down and we begin work on your new ONE ASTERISK.