The Hog Hunter





Probably the most hunted animal these days is the wild boar. With them being over populated in almost every state more and more people are beginning to hunt them, and many with handguns. If you are a handgun hunter and like the semi autos, this one is for you. It is our longslide HOG HUNTER. It is full custom from the ground up. With the longer slide and barrel you get a bit more power out of either the 10mm or 45 ACP, which makes it great for wild boar or just feral hogs.

This beauty is full custom with custom frame, slide, barrel, extended safety, extended slide release, custom trigger, beavertail, special sights and custom grips, plus a lot more. A gun built like this would normally run at least $2800. This beauty is specially priced at $2495. The gun shown is a 10mm but it is available in 45 ACP also.