The Enforcer




 Our  ENFORCER and is available in 45 ACP and in 10mm. The slide is 8" overall with a 2" comp. We build the comps here so the new ENFORCER can have whatever length comp you desire up to 3". The slide is a 6" longslide already and with the comp added, the weight up front plus the comp leaves the gun almost recoil free. With a 185 grain JHP this gun will easily do 1450 fps. It also comes in 10mm and in either caliber it will make a great hunting auto. The gun is full custom, with almost every part of the gun custom. It has an adjustable rear sight and Trijicon front. It has gray Marble Corian grips or the grips of your choice in Corian or laminated wood. Mongolian stag is available at a slight premium. . It has a full action job, is ramped and polished and the slide is smooth as silk. When shooting the gun and bringing it up for an offhand shot the gun just settles in your hand perfectly. That long nose and the weight out front helps hold the gun steady as a rock. The new Enforcer, in 45 or 10mm, built as you like.