Grip Materials

In every one of our packages you are offered your choice of grips. You can have grips from plain "plastic" type grips to 20,000 year old Mammoth ivory. It's all up to you. Our Mongolian stag is extremely popular. And every set is different and unique. Here are some examples of Mongolian stag, which is priced at $250.
Your custom grips can also be in laminated form. These are extremely nice and extremely strong. Laminated wood will be almost unbreakable. Here are some laminated grips. $150
We also have additional laminated grip materials. Use the grip material number under the material to order the grips.
If you lean toward the exotic woods then we have these too.  Most of the exotic wood grips are $150.
For durability Micarta or Corian grips are hard to beat. They come in various colors, of which the black and Ivory are the most popular.  $150
And of course real elephant ivory or Mammoth ivory are the ultimate in grips. The elephant ivory runs $500 a set while the mammoth ivory is $1000 a set. The Mammoth ivory is 20,000 years old and we do not recommend shooting your gun with these on there. Get another set of ivory Corian grips for shooting and save the real ivory grips for church, weddings or funerals.

1911 Grips

 Laminated and Corian grips $100, Mongolian Stag grips $175