This is a very special revolver chambered in 510 GNR. It has a 2 1/4" barrel, has a very special porting that Ken Kelly of Mag Na Port developed just for this gun, it has 3 ports, one on each side of the barrel and one thru the front sight base. This special porting is called the Triple Threat. The Brute has a 5 shot beefy cylinder for extra strength and is fully Maxi Throated and has our Deep Dish Crown. Everything is rounded in this gun so no snag.

The new Brute is designed for very special back up. It is available in 475 Linebaugh, 500 Linebaugh, 500 GNR or 510 GNR. The gun is all satin stainless with satin black Corian grips done in our Gunfighter Grip. The gun is very accurate with 5 shots in a hair over an inch at 25. Each Brute will be numbered as done on the Mastodon.

The new Brute is built on your base gun, which is any Redhawk. The caliber and barrel length doesn't matter as all that changes. It can be either blue or stainless. For blue guns the new Brute is done in all satin black. With the porting and special features the gun would normally be $2395 on your base gun, but as an introductory sale, we are pricing it at $1995 on your base gun for a limited time.

The BRUTE is also done on your 3 Super Redhawk. It comes with an action job, special grips and full engraved as well. If the gun is a 44 Magnum it can be rechambered to 429 GNR also at no extra charge. The Super Redhawk version of the BRUTE is $1095 on your base Super Redhawk.



$1995 on your Redhawk

$1095 on your base Super Redhawk

4 to 5 month delivery

in most cases