Shipping Information

If you are shipping a handgun to me for work or a conversion, UPS and sometimes Fed Ex can be real anti gun and force you to ship the gun overnight, which, by the way IS NOT A LAW, just their silly rules. So, to bypass all this crap, take the 5 screws out of the gripframe, ease it off, being careful not to lose the 2 small springs inside the gripframe. Put these parts in a baggie along with the gripframe and loose grips. Take the cylinder out and the housing off and base pin out and put them in a baggie. You can then put the rest of the gun in another baggie and put all these little baggies in one large baggie. If you are familiar with the gun, feel free to take it the rest of the way apart, if not then that is far enough.

This way you can tell them, if they ask, that you are shipping gun parts to a repair station, which we are and if they look, they will see a lot of parts in baggies and shouldn't give you a hassle. When it gets to us, it won't matter if it is all in parts as that is the first thing we do anyway. And of course, when your firearm is returned, it will have been re-assembled, fully test fired and ready for the field.