Custom Work Prices





New Color Case Hardening
Revolver and Encore frames
  1911 frames   $350
  Large rifle frames, Marlin 1895 etc   $450
double rifles or double shotguns, boxlock or sidelock
Rifle frames and screws   $300.00
Ruger Revolver frame, hammer loading gate   $300.00
  Deluxe Finish $300.00 $300.00
High Polish Stainless Steel   $250.00  
Muzzle Brakes   $200.00 $200.00

Muzzle Brake for Ruger #1 with front sight

Action Job   $175.00 $175.00
Setback Trigger    $90.00 (must be fitted)  
Steel Ejector rod Housing   $45.00  
Rechambering Rifle to GNR or standard calibers     $250 & up
Rechambering T/C or Encore   $ 150.00 (GNR Calibers)  

other calibers slightly higher

Shorten Ejector Rod Housing   $40.00  
Shorten Cylinder Rod   $ 25.00  
Belt Mountain Cylinder Pin   $35.00      $65.00 fitted  
Rechambering Revolvers      (GNR calibers ONLY)   $250 per cylinder  
Cut and Crown Vaquero barrel For our serrated front sight add $40.00 $ 175.00 stainless steel
$ 225.00 blue
Cut and Crown Blackhawk barrel   $175.00 stainless steel
$225.00 blue
Replacing Ruger front sight   $50  
Interchangeable Front Sight Blade System   $100.00  stainless 
$175 blue - includes bluing of the barrel
Extra blades in red or green fiber optic, gold bead or ramp   $45  
Barrel band front sight with blade for rifles. Ruger #1 style barrel band front sight
Barrel band front sight for revolver not counting the barrel
$200 stainless $250 blue
Channeling the frame   $150  
Flattop Frame   $150  
Scallop rear of frame and loading gate   $150  
8 shot cylinder in small calibers only   $350  
Deep Dish Crown   $100.00 $100.00
Maxi-Throat on Revolvers   $100.00  
Custom Engraving      
  1/4 coverage $250.00 $250.00
  1/2 coverage $400.00 $450.00
  Full coverage $800.00 $900.00
.45 ACP cylinder for Vaquero or Blackhawk   $250.00  
Opening Cylinder Mouths   $25.00 per hole  
5 Shot Cylinder                      (Single Action Only) Extra 5 shot cylinder Only done in a package $350.00  
Barrel Replacement on Revolvers   $300.00 Includes Maxi-Throat and Deep Dish Crown  
Octagonal handgun barrels up to 6 inches $500  
Octagonal handgun barrels over 6 inches $600  
Free Wheeling 6 Shot Cylinder (On Your Cylinder)   $85.00  
Signature on barrel or frame   $75.00 and up  (if blue add $150 for rebluing )  
Name or initials on barrel or frame    $50.00 and up  (if blue add $150 for rebluing )  
Gold Bands on Barrel & cylinder   $100.00  
Round butt grip frame and grips on S&W and other square-butt revolvers except Redhawk
Round butt gripframe on Redhawk..
$ 150.00 stainless steel frame
$ 350.00 blued frame
plus grips
$250 for stainless.
$350 for blued guns,
Doc Holliday grip conversion   $ 150.00 stainless steel frame
$ 175.00 blued frame
plus grips
Gunfighter grip conversion   $ 150.00 stainless steel frame
$ 175.00 blued frame
plus grips
Trail Rider/Tombstone grip conversion. New model guns only.   $ 400.00 stainless steel frame (does not include hammer and  trigger)
$ 350.00 blued frame
plus grips
Bisley style hammer 
(Old Model Vaquero Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk))
  $100.00 - Blue
Colt Style Cylinder on your cylinder   $40.00 stainless
$60.00 blue
Vapor Honed finish   $150.00 stainless
$250.00 blue (requires rebluing)
Custom grips fitted to your gun      
If your gun is blue add $75.00 for bluing of the gripframe. Polymer $ 75.00   
Custom laminated in various colors $150  
  Black or Ivory Micarta $150  
  Deluxe walnut, oak or cherry $150  
  Real elephant ivory $500  
  20,000 year old mastodon ivory $1000  
  Mongolian stag (we import this) $250  

We have many types of grips in stock (ie: black or white micarta, laminated wood, exotic wood, Mongolian stag)

*Minimum time for rebluing is six weeks. Prices are subject to change without notice.